Tasting Notes


Peaches and marshmallows roasted on a campfire are joined by more subtle notes of ginger, honeysuckle and wood polish.


Peaches, nectarines and apricots are joined with roasted almonds and grilled limes, with caramel fudge, leather and a hint of peppermint.


Fruit, nuts and spice intermingle with campfire smoke for a complex, lingering finish

Representing the pinnacle of our whisky-making endeavours

The Single Cask Series reveals the extraordinary beauty of our most distinguished individual barrels of whisky. Released at unadulterated true cask strength, we invite you to experience the absolute essence of our craft. Archie Rose Founder, Will Edwards, discusses our Single Cask Whisky Series.

Local & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

This Single Cask Series, cask-strength stringybark smoked heritage rye malt whisky is made from NSW heritage rye grain, custom-smoked exclusively for Archie Rose over sustainably harvested Australian native stringybark. A unique and entirely Australian spirit, this whisky balances sweetness, smoke and rye spice with flavours of campfire, grilled peaches and prosciutto.

Virgin French Oak
Origin: France

Virgin French Oak is best known for having more available extractives and imparting a higher level of spice (think nutmeg or allspice) and also wood polish. Generally we toast these barrels but don't char them.

Smoked Heritage Rye Malt
Origin: Eastern Australia
Pale Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Our pale malt speaks to the Australian land where it was grown, delivering tropical fruit flavours with floral overtones.

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The Beauty of a Single Cask

As we approach ten years of making the highest quality Australian whisky, we’re proud to announce the launch of our Single Cask Whisky Series on 10 June at the Archie Rose Cellar Door and online on 11 June.

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