Tasting Notes


Greeted by luscious honey-poached peaches, pecan and ginger snaps. A second visit reveals violets, raisins and toffee apple.


A densely weighted palate filled with plums, candied orange and figs, transitioning into vanilla creme brulee and maple coated muesli.


A long and lingering medley of orchard fruits, beautifully balanced with sweet baking spices and a touch of drying oak.

Local & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

This rich and complex Rye Malt Whisky is imbued with the flavours of high-quality Australian fortified wine in a way usually reserved for single malt, vs the tradition of maturing rye whisky in new American oak casks. This whisky therefore continues our tradition of marrying quality NSW grains with the rich, deep, fruit flavours of local apera casks.

Pale Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Our pale malt speaks to the Australian land where it was grown, delivering tropical fruit flavours with floral overtones.

Australian Rye Malt
Origin: Victoria

A regional rye grain grown in the south-eastern states of Australia which is then sprouted and dried to lend complexity and refinement to the whisky, while showcasing flavours of ripe stone fruits.

Apera Cask
Origin: Australia

Australian apera is a fortified wine similar to Spanish sherry. It's used to season American or French Oak casks, offering a flavour profile that's usually made up of nutty and dried fruit notes like figs and prunes.

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