Tasting Notes


The nose opens with amaretto, raisins and peaches dipped in melted brown sugar. A second visit shows deeper notes of walnut bread, marzipan and cloves.


A velvety, mouth-coating opening of stone fruit, rich caramel and coconut cream transitions into a weighty mid-palate of bananas and peaches roasted in brown sugar and spice.


The higher strength leads to a lovely drying balance to the hefty palate weight, with lingering notes of tropical fruits, chocolate and espresso.

Local & Ethically Sourced Ingredients

At Archie Rose, our rums explore the unique raw materials available to us here in NSW, offering big, bold flavours of tropical fruit and burnt sugar.

With the casks we used to mature these rums sitting in our own warehouse, we had an exciting opportunity to use them to add a unique character to our award-winning Single Malt Whisky and to then celebrate those flavours in a new way with 100% Archie Rose inputs.

Pale Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Our pale malt speaks to the Australian land where it was grown, delivering tropical fruit flavours with floral overtones.

Amber Malt
Origin: New South Wales

Our local amber malt is made by roasting kilned malt which leads to a drier finish. it offers a light, biscuity flavour and dark reddish brown hues.

Caramel Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Batch roasted to bestow a rich cereal character, this malt delivers notes of pastry and the aroma of caramel fudge.

Chocolate Malt
Origin: New South Wales

A specialty malt that provides rich and intense flavours of coffee and dark chocolate.

Peated Pale Malt
Origin: Caithness, Scotland
Ex-Triple Molasses Rum Cask
Origin: Australia

Our Ex-Triple Molasses Rum Cask offers big, bold flavours of tropical fruit and burnt sugar alongside the classic grain character our whisky is known for

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