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By Sarah Frish, Contributor ISSUE #014 FROM WEIRD TO WHISKY | Education

Archie’s Greatest Hits: Our Core Range & How To Drink Them

There’s a spirit to wet every whistle in the Archie Rose Core Range. Here’s how to drink them.

The spirits that make up the Archie Rose Core Range are the foundations on which we stand (and drink). Think of them as Archie’s greatest hits, showcasing the diversity and expertise of our Rosebery-based Distillery. Whether you’re partial to the bolder Distiller’s Strength Gin or a serve of crisp, subtle Original Vodka, there’s a spirit to wet every whistle in our Core Range. We spoke with Harriet Leigh, Head of Hospitality to get her take on what makes each spirit unique, complex and utterly delicious.

Signature Dry Gin

Where it all began! Signature Dry Gin was our first-ever product, a traditionally inspired dry gin with a uniquely Archie touch, using individually distilled Australian native botanicals to complement the robust flavour of juniper. “It’s a very subtle gin,” says Harriet, “with a soft, elegant mouthfeel.” Perfectly balanced and wonderfully complex, our Signature Dry Gin sings with notes of lemon myrtle, blood limes, river mint and Dorrigo pepperleaf. At the Archie Rose Bar, we serve it with fresh pear and ginger juice or in a Southside with a little mint and lime. “More people should get into drinking gin over ice,” says Harriet. Soft and integrated, our Signature Dry Gin is a great place to start, “A couple of slugs of that over ice. Now you’re talking.” Of course, it takes to tonic too. Serve with a drier style tonic and a palate-cleansing slice of pear, or our particular preference, a sharp hit of citrus. Read more about how to garnish our gin, here.

Distiller’s Strength Gin

“Truth be told, we made Distiller’s Strength Gin for us,” explains Harriet, “It was a selfish enterprise. We wanted something punchier, more juniper-forward.” The resulting spirit has a 52.4% ABV, just a hair’s breadth stronger than our Signature Dry Gin. Distiller’s Strength is bigger and bolder in flavour than our other spirits, made with sixteen individually distilled botanicals, including fresh pears from Orange in NSW, rose petals, elderflower and distilled honey direct from local beehives and perfect for cocktails. Try it with fresh pineapple juice, in our Gin Spritz or Old-Fashioned style she says, “a large chunk of ice, some bitters for complexity and a hint of sugar makes for a beautiful, elegant Old Fashioned.” So how does Harriet serve it? “Daily, is the answer. I finish work with a Distiller’s Strength G&T every day.”

White Rye

Fresh off the still, our White Rye is in a league of its own. “It’s a very unusual product for Australia,” explains Harriet, “in America, they drink New Make spirits a lot. It has a history. Prohibition made it more dangerous and expensive to age spirits, so people drank them straight off the still.” Our White Rye is distilled from rare malted rye and barley with notes of soft herbs, tropical fruits and inviting florals. “Essentially, it’s our Rye Malt Whisky before it’s taken on the flavour and colour of the oak barrel it’s aged in,” Harriet explains. “It’s such a well-crafted spirit,” she says, twice distilled with a lingering finish and a hint of sweet spice. Try it in our Rosebery Rye Julep or a refreshing, frothy Peach Perfect.

Original Vodka

Our Core Range wouldn’t be complete without Original Vodka, made with 100% locally sourced pure Australian wheat and twice carbon-filtered Sydney water. Expect a delicate, natural sweetness followed by crisp apple, mint and subtle notes of Australian botanicals, adding complexity and nuance to every sip. “We serve it with fresh watermelon juice at the Archie Rose Bar, but it’s also great in a Gimlet or on the rocks,” says Harriet. “It’s even better in a Vesper Martini,” she explains, “a James Bond classic from Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.” She serves it with three measures Signature Dry Gin, one Original Vodka and a half measure of Lillet Blanc. “If all else fails, go with a classic Dirty Martini,” she says, “The grimier, the better.” Whichever you choose, garnish your cocktail with something umami-rich. Think firm green olives, cocktail onions, a sprig of saltbush, caper berries or a dash of brine to dirty things up.

Rye Malt Whisky

And last but not least is our first core range Rye Malt Whisky, launching from 1 August with notes of spiced custard, ginger, stone fruit and baked apple pie and a fresh herbal finish that lingers on the palate. We can't wait!

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