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The 2023 Archie Rose Christmas Gift Guide

We can’t believe we’re saying this, but Christmas really is coming! From your second cousin and father-in-law to your hairdresser and next-door neighbour, even the person who buys what they want thus spoiling any type of surprise – our fail-safe Gift Guide has you covered. Ahead, seven present ideas – including some limited-edition drops, masterclasses and experience gift tickets you can buy right up until the big day – that will ensure everyone is merry this holiday season.

Tailored Whisky, Gin & Vodka with limited-edition artwork from Gemma Leslie from Food For Everyone - from $99

Nothing says ‘I really thought about this gift’ like a bottle of spirits with their name on it. We think Christmas is the perfect time to raise a glass to individual expression and personalise a whisky, gin or vodka. That means if you’re looking for a super gift to make the ultimate impression you can call off the search. On the whisky side it’s the perfect solution for your dad, mother-in-law or significant other with a choice of Australian malts as the base. Or just in time for warmer days, we’ve also dreamt up some new limited-edition gin blends including Summer Peach, Garden Party or Australian Bush Spice (and yes, they’re as fun and tasty as they sound). Once you’ve made the hard decision of choosing which flavour to gift (maybe one of each?), you can decide which limited-edition art label to go with. We can’t get enough of Gemma Leslie’s Food For Everyone limited edition labels designed especially to celebrate our shared ethos of joy and connection through food and drinks. Seems extra fitting this time of year, wouldn’t you agree?


A limited-edition Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin - $79

Our Signature Dry Gin has had a glow up, just in time for Christmas. You can still expect the same incredible taste which showcases native botanicals including sunrise lime, Geraldton waxflower and Dorrigo pepperleaf, and aromatics of lime, citrus and pepper with juniper. What you (or the lucky recipient) will also appreciate is its limited-edition art label which is bright, colourful and all kinds of festive. It also comes in a striped canvas bag to level up the picnic blanket flat lay we know you’ll be snapping a picture of when the sun’s out.


Our new limited-edition Raw Honey Gin Harvest 2022 - $89

Looking for a sweet gift for the gin fan in your life? Our latest Harvest Release is the bee’s knees. Raw Honey Gin is the next release in our annual Harvest series and a true celebration of our love affair with honey (and the hardworking bees behind it). Those bees reside in our Archie Rose Distillery in Botany where we house eight hives from The Urban Beehive. This gin blossoms with paired back botanicals and the honeyed notes of native Australian florals. Each harvest from our beehives carries a distinct flavour that changes with the seasons, depending on the flowers the bees come in contact with. By distilling raw, unpasteurised honey directly from the honeycomb, we’re able to savour and hero each of these subtle floral notes. We then pair them with botanicals including juniper, coriander seed and Roman chamomile to name a few. The result? A laid-back, supremely balanced sip to enjoy this spring and into summer.


Single Malt Whisky Gift Box - $129

We’re certain there’s a whisky lover on your to-buy-for list, so we’re suggesting the next gift accordingly. Our Single Malt Whisky Gift Pack includes a bottle of our award-winning Single Malt Whisky plus two Archie Rose etched Glencairn glasses. What’s the go with Glencairn glasses? They’re designed specifically for sipping whisky and savouring its taste and complexity; the tapered mouth on a Glencairn glass allows the drinker to smell and experience all the nuances the whisky has to offer. For a whisky fan, it’s a big deal. As for our Single Malt Whisky in this gift box, it’s crafted to highlight six malts, as opposed to the traditional one or two, providing a richer and more expressive flavour, full of distinct regional character. It’s matured predominantly in toasted and charred Australian apera casks, ex-bourbon and our own 36-month air-dried ex-rye casks. And the taste? Think fresh herbs, shortbread biscuits, raisins, toffee and dark chocolate on the nose with a palate of sticky date pudding, amaretto and espresso. Tasty!


Limited Edition Christmas Classes - from $99

If experiences are more your giftee’s vibe, then book in and roll up to one of our many limited-edition classes happening at the Archie Rose Bar & Cellar Door. Does the front door of your house need decorating? We’ve got a Christmas Wreath Making Class. Christmas Day lunch tablescape in need of some extra pizzazz? We’re all over it with our Scented Candle Making Class, where you can craft a candle inside a repurposed Archie Rose bottle and pair it with a 700ml bottle of Archie Rose spirit as a gift set. Maybe you want to self-gift because, hey, you deserve it: learn how to blend your own Christmas gin or attend a Cocktail Party Masterclass to nail the holiday soiree you plan on hosting. We’ve got oodles of experiences to choose from – but one thing we’ll say is they will sell out. So don’t end up on the naughty list, book them now!


Experience Gift Tickets - from $99

An ideal gift for someone you know who loves to learn a new skill or master a drinks trend, but you don’t know exactly what that skill or trend is. An experience gift certificate it is! This allows them to choose a date and time that suits them (perfect for the person whose calendar is booked 24/7) to blend their own gin, whisky or whip up cocktails like a master. You benefit from this gift too, because they’ll learn how to create some top-notch drinks and want to show off their new skills. It’s a win-win. Experience gift tickets can’t be redeemed on limited-edition classes, by the way.