Tasting Notes


Freshly poured honey, fennel blossoms and young pine needles blossom into more subtle notes of golden wattle, honeysuckle and beeswax.


A mouth-filling and luscious palate weight, with notes of honey, glacé pineapple and soft green herbs.


A satisfying finish of floral honey, orange sherbert, eucalypt and a touch of spearmint.

Quality Ingredients, Australian Farmed

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Archie Rose Distillery Honey
Origin: Sydney, NSW
Origin: Macedonia

A classic gin botanical, Juniper (Juniper Berries) tastes piney, citrusy, woody and floral. The citrusy undertones lend a zesty and refreshing touch, while the woody aspect offers a hint of warmth and depth.

Coriander Seed
Origin: Mundoora, SA

Coriander Seed offers a warm, nutty flavour with hints of lemon, lavender and orange. It's a classic herbal element of the London Dry profile.

Orris Root
Origin: Morocco

Orris Root imparts flavours and aromas of flowers, hay and sweet earthy scents and a taste comparable to liquorice. It also helps to bind other flavours.

Roman Chamomile
Origin: France

Roman Chamomile is light and fresh with strong, sweet, fruity, apple-like notes and earthy, green, hay-like qualities.

Sourcing: Cultivated
Mandarin Peel
Origin: New South Wales

Mandarin Peel delivers bright and juicy citrus notes to anything it's added to and smells like zesty tangelo. It's uplifting, fruity and fun.

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