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By Archie Rose Bar Team, RoseberyISSUE #029 IN GOOD SPIRITS AND GOOD COMPANY | Cocktails

10 Summer Cocktails To Try In 2021

Make it your mission to tick these drinks off your list before the year is up. Gin, whisky, vodka and more - we've found a summer cocktail to suit every spirit.

1. Zombie

The classic Zombie is a tropical masterpiece, designed to transport you to an island paradise. Most famous for having an inordinate number of different rums, for our Zombie recipe we’ve reached for White Rye, which is a brilliant substitute for white rum.

2. Spiceball

This savoury little number is a riff on the coffee tonic craze that took off a couple of years ago. It’s long, dry and refreshing.

3. Distiller’s In The Spritz

This is one of the easiest Spritzes to make. It requires no prep and everything is available year-round. It’s also delicious and sure to impress.

4. Vodka Palmer

Also popular as a non-alcoholic drink, this tea-forward cocktail works perfectly with Archie Rose Native Botanical Vodka, providing a tannic base and zesty citrus that allows the vodka’s sweeter botanicals to flourish.

5. Single Malt Whisky Punch

Punch is a many-varied cocktail. One of the world’s oldest recorded drinks - it consists of several parts. Spirit, citrus, water, sugar and spices. You can completely experiment here, there are very few rules — you’re trying to achieve balance and deliciousness.

6. Eastside Fizz

There are few drinks as instantly refreshing as the Eastside Fizz. You may have had its older sibling the Southside or Southside Fizz, which is the perfect marriage of gin, mint and lime. To veer from South to East you simply add cucumber, and to turn it into a fizz you top it with soda. Sublime on a hot summer's day.

7. Risko sour

Tart and perfectly lending itself to summer, this South American favourite works particularly well with our White Rye in place of classic Pisco. An extra hint of pineapple and chilli complements the tropical vibe.

8. Southside

This prohibition drink was created to cover the taste of poorly made bathtub gin. But to be honest, when something tastes this good, who cares why it came to be. It’s the thinking drinker’s Mojito. Drink it while the drink still has life in it.

9. Rye Malt highball

What could be more simple? Whisky and soda. It’s all too rare, but when it’s made well there are few sparkling drinks more elegant. It’s super dry, but this just brings out the accents of the whisky lengthening and highlighting its natural characteristics.

10. Rockmelon fizz

Light, frothy and refreshing, this cocktail tastes as good as it looks.