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By Sophie McCommas, ContributorISSUE #035 LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN! | Cocktails

Christmas Party Cocktail Recipes

The holidays are really just one long excuse to bust out some new drinks, served in some beautiful glassware, for guests that swing by, unannounced or otherwise. There’s no reason to get too finicky, it’s too hot for starters, and you should spend more time catching up with friends and family than you should shaking spirits over ice. These four cocktail recipes cut a trifecta of ease, impressiveness and flavour.

Spring Whisky Sour

Anyone who drinks cocktails should know how to sour, and the king of sours is a whisky sour. This one, fluffy and bright, makes the most of our Single Malt Whisky and a few other simple ingredients, garnished with a ruby red slice of blood orange.

Native Botanical Vodka Spritz

Aperol just screams “summer”, doesn't it? Matching this Italian aperitif with the distillates in our Native Botanical Vodka - lemon-scented gum, native sunrise lime, Australian peach and Roman chamomile, takes this classic to whole new heights.

Distiller's Strength Gin Clover Club

Frothy, light, pink with raspberries, it’s not a party without a Clover Club. More impressive to look at than difficult to make, this cocktail has a few hidden depths thanks to vermouth and an extremely pretty garnish.

Signature Dry Gin Eastside

Summer refreshment comes in the form of cucumber in this variation on a prohibition classic. Add a little lime, fresh mint and gin for a herbaceous edge to a sweltering afternoon.