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By Harriet Leigh, Head of HospitalityISSUE #021 THE NEAPOLITAN ISSUE | Education

Alcohol & Gelato

Alcohol & Gelato. Now that I’ve got your attention, let’s take a moment to agree that if ever there was a year to say “to hell with it, I’m drinking a cocktail and eating gelato at the same time”, it’s 2020.

There have been geniuses throughout time who said “what this ice-cream needs is a shot of alcohol” and “what this alcohol needs is a scoop of ice-cream”. We should applaud them all. As ever with alcohol history, it’s a bit hazy, because the geniuses were often a bit hazy themselves, and not really in the mood for scientific documentation.

How they began doesn’t really matter. What matters is they exist. And if you haven’t tried the following, you really, really should.

Improved Affogato

Buy the Espresso Martinique from here, briefly heat 100ml per person over a low heat, (don’t bring to the boil) and then pour over a scoop of Messina Vanilla Gelato.

You just made one of the greatest Italian treats even better, you added alcohol.


Another thing of perfection brought to you by the Italians. The Sgroppino originated in Venice. Sexy, sexy Venice. Originally made with vodka, lemon sorbet, and prosecco. You can stick to that recipe. Or you can jazz things up a little. And at Archie Rose, we’re all about jazz. Firstly play with some vodka or gin, then play with your sorbet - think citrusy, fresh, zesty flavours, you won’t go wrong.

This is also a great drink to do a bulk batch of - if you’re having a big outdoor picnic or celebration (this is great as a pre-wedding aperitif on a summer’s day).

Classic Sgroppino Group Serve Recipe

make three litres of Sgroppino

Empty a whole 1.5 tub of Messina Lemon Sorbet into a large metal or glass bowl, pour an entire bottle of Original Vodka over the top, using a whisk start mushing it into a thick paste, keep whisking and pour the prosecco on top, whisking and whistling as you go.

Now if you want to try something posher, let’s amp it up a little. Take a tub of Messina Passionfruit Sorbet, and pour an entire bottle of our Golden Gimlet bottled cocktail, and top with champagne. My goodness. I think we should all take a moment and have a little sit.


Originally made with Creme de Cacao, Creme de Menthe and cream….wait, don’t leave…come back….I promise it’s actually a delicious drink. Somewhere since its invention in 1918, some brilliant minds have swapped out the cream for ice-cream. Our Creative Drinks Manager Rocky Hair, was delighted to take a spin around one of her all-time favourite cocktails and pimp it with some Messina.

When thinking of what to do with our new Archie Rose x Messina Vanilla & Pandan Vodka, she couldn’t get past one of the best Messina flavours - the Pandan & Coconut Sorbet.

Add a small scoop of Pandan & Coconut Sorbet. to a rocks glass. Then, in a mixing glass add 30ml each of Archie Rose x Messina Vanilla & Pandan Vodka, Creme de Menthe and Creme de Cacao and stir down over ice. Strain and pour over ice-cream. Garnish with pandan leaf. For some extra pop, you can float a little green Creme de Menthe on top. If you don’t have green you can always add some green food colouring.

Spider / Float

Around the world they’re usually called ‘Floats’. But of course, in Australia, everything is a ‘Spider’. Like many great drinks, it originated in America. Some wise soda jerk had a brainwave of adding vanilla ice-cream to a soda (probably a root beer as the float predates Coca Cola by a whisker.)

For this old school classic, Rocky didn’t veer too far from the path of righteousness. Add one scoop of Messina Vanilla Gelato , 30ml Archie Rose x Messina Cacao Husk & Hazelnut Whisky and 100ml Strangelove Smoked Cola in a highball glass. Roll on summer, let’s get these drinks pumping.

Miami Vice

This one wasn’t originally an ice-cream drink, but it’s a blended drink, let’s not split hairs.

The real Miami Vice uses two blenders, in one a Pina Colada, and the other a Strawberry Daiquiri. I can tell, you’re getting excited, and rightfully so. Once the drinks are blended pour the two simultaneously to swirl the cream and pink colours together. Stick a bio-friendly straw in it and reach nirvana in two sips.

Here, Rocky Hair has cut out the middleman and turned the swirled two-flavour cocktail into one heroic success story, the Messina Vice.

Use a blender add the following ingredients: 30ml Archie Rose x Messina Strawberry & Pink Peppercorn Gin, 30ml pineapple juice, 30ml lime juice, 15ml coconut cream, 10ml Grenadine and 45g Messina’s Strawberry Sorbet. Poor into a fancy Sundae glass, garnish with some pomegranate seeds, pandan leaves and a stripey, fun bio-friendly straw.