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By Maggie Scardifield, Contributor ISSUE #010 THE WHISKY ISSUE | News

A First Glimpse of Our Single Malt Whisky

We didn’t want to wait until next year, either.

The road to launching our first whisky is long, we know (but it’ll be worth the wait!). Right now, however, we’re thrilled to launch Six Malt New Make, a first glimpse of how our Single Malt Whisky starts its life.

Two years in the making and only our second Limited Edition release, Six Malt New Make is the base spirit we use to make our currently ageing Single Malt Whisky. Think of it as a preview of next year’s whisky release, but with its own distinct character.

The real magic is in the malts. While the vast majority of single malt whiskies typically feature one or two malt mash bills, for this spirit, we’ve taken it to an impressive six; each one meticulously sourced, trialled and tested to maximise on flavour.

With the majority of the six specialty malts sourced from local farmers and producers in New South Wales, it’s also a window into our belief that provenance and transparency are just as important as flavour. We want you to understand exactly how we’ve arrived at Six Malt New Make, and at the same time, we want to encourage you to learn and discover just how diverse the crops and produce grown across Australia are.

“The varieties, growing conditions and apparent flavours of these malts are distinctly Australian and we wanted to give a voice to that individuality,” says Dave Withers, our Master Distiller. “Malt and provenance of ingredients can have a profound impact if allowed to shine.”

Here’s a breakdown of our six malt mash bill (or recipe, as you might call it), which includes a very special New South Wales peated malt developed exclusively for New Make. Brimming with provincial personality, the barley for this LOCAL PEATED MALT is malted in the presence of smouldering peat from our home state to impart an earthy smokiness.

From a single estate in New South Wales, our LOCAL PALE MALT delivers herbal and slightly floral accents.

Grown in a low-yielding New South Wales microclimate, the LOCAL AMBER MALT provides assertive biscuit elements.

For a mild fruitiness, CARAMEL MALT delivers the aroma of caramel fudge, while fig, amaretto and raisin are the calling cards of the complex AROMATIC ROASTED MALT.

And last but not least, our LOCAL CHOCOLATE MALT is made from a low-yielding single field in New South Wales and roasted in small batches. It provides the spirit with rich and intense flavours of coffee and chocolate.

But lists of ingredients rarely tell the full story. That’s why we’re launching Spirit Data on our website – a new feature that allows you to dive deeper into our whisky production on a batch-by-batch basis. Want to find out exactly where the barley in your bottle came from and the grain treatment? What about what cask was used, or distillation process? That’s when you’d hit Spirit Data with your batch code for answers.

Each bottle of Six Malt New Make is individually numbered from 1 to 3,000, and is housed, in a first for us, in a limited release hexagonal box, a nod to the six distinct malts used in the spirit’s production. And the best part? It’s on sale now.