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By Archie Rose Team, Banksmeadow

What The Archie Rose Team Really Thinks About Bone Dry Gin

The stand-out feature of Bone Dry Gin? Flavour. Thanks to our distillery’s world-class copper vacuum stills, we’ve been able to rewrite traditional production processes by eliminating the damaging impact of heat on delicate botanicals to capture more of their nuance and complexity. The exceptional range and clarity of flavour Bone Dry Gin delivers is second to none - and here's what the Archie Rose team has to say about it.

Nick Baxter, Brand Advocacy Manager

First impressions count, so when I saw how the light shone through the label on the bottle I immediately fell in love. It looked so pure! But the real test is in the holy trinity of gin drinks - the G&T, the Martini and the Negroni. I'm pleased to say that Bone Dry Gin is a winner in all three, with the louching from a stirred-down Churchill Martini being particularly spectacular! So. Much. Flavour.

Rachel Stone, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

Bone Dry unfolds like a story with each sip! It's smooth, bright and has elevated my G&Ts to the next level.

Jade Oduro, Bartender

Bone dry is honestly one of the best gins out there at the moment! Expect a nice juniper hit with some bright citrus notes to follow. Way too easy to drink - it’s even converted the non-gin drinkers at home. Makes a killer southside!

Victoria Tulloch, Head of Marketing

I described Bone Dry Gin as akin to a beautiful symphony when I first tasted it - somehow dramatic but incredibly balanced and uplifting (at which point Will suggested I may be spending too much time indoors).

Kirsten Kayne, Procurement & Project Manager

WOooaaAAHHHH - that was my husband’s reaction to Bone Dry Gin.

Here are my serving suggestions:

1) Walk past the vermouth and pour Bone Dry generously over a big cube of ice.

2) Make a great sour with 60ml Bone Dry Gin, 30ml lemon juice, 10ml sugar syrup, 1 egg white and 1 dash bitters.

Bone Dry Gin Is Available Now