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By Sophie McCommas, ContributorISSUE #036 SOUNDS OF SUMMER | Education

We’re Now Offering Spirits Training Through WSET

We’re really proud to have just launched our Level 2 Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET) qualification, offering spirits training via our Master Distiller Dave Withers, who’s unbelievably passionate about getting you excited about spirits.

One of our core beliefs at Archie Rose is education, and we’ve always felt that the spirits category could be championed more publicly. Since 2015 we’ve run spirit education classes, beginner courses and those for the most advanced, many of which focused not on our own products but those of our fellow Australian producers and outstanding international distillers. The delivery of WSET courses is a huge extension of that ethos - further emphasising our passion for spirits and promoting knowledge and literacy within the category.

No matter if you’re just someone who loves spirits and is hungry (or thirsty?) to expand your knowledge and expertise in the category, or if you’ve dedicated your entire career to drinks, this course offers a comprehensive level of knowledge and appreciation for distilled spirits. The level 2 qualification will advance your ability for sensory analysis and give you a detailed understanding of the major spirit categories. “In some ways it’s easy when you’re a spirits lover to assume you know everything,” says Dave, “but the WSET courses focus your attention to the details, ultimately driving a more sophisticated understanding.”

Within this experiential course you’ll study the culture and diversity of the world through the eyes of spirits and their many flavours, from Mexican tequila to Caribbean rum to French cognac, each with a unique perspective. For Dave, “this course is as much about learning what you like as what you don’t like. That style of spirit you thought you hated might be your favourite by the end of the course, having now tried more examples and actively engaged with them.”

Students will be guided through:

-The main production factors that affect a spirit’s style.

-How the principal types of spirits are produced and labelled, and describe their key characteristics.

-How the principal types of flavoured spirits and aromatised wines are produced and labelled, and describe their key characteristics.

-The principles used to create a balanced cocktail and name some core cocktail families.

Learn more and apply for upcoming WSET courses here.