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By Harriet Leigh , Head of Hospitality ISSUE #012 THE CHRISTMAS ISSUE | Education

Throw a Proper Summer Cocktail Party Without Breaking a Sweat

There are several things that make for a good party. A great guest list is the most important. Music comes second. Then comes the offerings. After who was flirting with whom, the next thing people will discuss or remember is what they ate or drank. We've come up with a handy list of batched drinks here. We've also come up with a few ideas of how to turn a gathering into a party for the ages without breaking a sweat.

Bowl and Ladle

You just need something big to pour your large batched cocktail into. If you have to scoop your Negroni from a saucepan using a mug, then so be it. At least you have a serviceable quantity of cocktail on hand.


Thermoses are famous for keeping things hot. But they also keep things cold. Pop your Martini for 10 into one of these bad boys and make your beach picnic a civilized delight.

Large Block of Ice

Take a pretty vessel, like a fancy copper jelly mold (or take-away container if you don't have a selection of vintage French farmhouse accoutrement to hand), fill it with water a day or two before the party. Pop it into your multi-serve cocktail vessel. Wow your friends with some large frozen water that will dilute the drink slowly rather than ruin it in 10 mins flat.


Theme a whole drink around a fruit. Blood orange season? Buy one, slice and pop in your Negroni to impress your guests. Not blood orange season? Stone fruits are around! Pop in some hunks of white peach. Hell, if you can only get your hands on a Granny Smith, that will still brighten up your G&Ts. Actually, we have a whole guide to this very important step here.

Fancy Glassware

Something small and etched never goes amiss at a party.

A Paper Parasol

Nothing screams SUMMER and FUN like a paper sunshade in your drink. Go nuts, have two! A snazzy paper straw will thrill your companies as well.

Look Good While You’re Shaking It

If you’re going to flair your muscles by shaking daiquiri after daiquiri for your mates this summer, look good while doing it. Our very good-looking Copper Barware Set will help with that.