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By Natalie Mell, Digital & Social Media Editor

Three Interior Designers Take To Our Tailored Spirits

We all know thinking outside of the box is fast-track to fresh ideas, so when it was time to choose our new Tailored Spirits blends, we decided to break those four walls down and hand the reins over to three local interior designers.

In collaboration with the Australian Design Review, we tapped Brendan Wong, Miriam Fanning and Hana Hakim to design a Tailored Gin or Vodka blend and an artful label to match. From Cosmopolitan-inspired vodka to gin that evokes warm summer sunsets, [the three blends]((https://archierose.com.au/tailored-spirits/partnerships/archie-rose-x-australian-design-review/) these creatives envisaged don't disappoint!

Here, we chat with the designers about the inspiration behind their Tailored Spirits.

Brendan Wong

Tell us about the design philosophy behind your label?

I’ve always been fascinated by string-based sculpture, installations and art. A single linear piece of string can be geometrically arranged to create depth, shadow and form. It’s where mathematical precision meets art, like good interior design. Multiple string colours overlap and intersect across my label, and arranging and blending different strings for a harmonious result is akin to a tailored blended spirit.

How did you capture the essence of Tailored in your design?

String art is inherently tailored, as no two pieces are the same. The pattern of their arrangement can be pushed and pulled, tucked over and under - truly tailored to create a unique design.

Tell us about the botanical blend you chose for your Tailored Gin

My blend starts with a generous splash of lemon-scented gum to get the citrus juices flowing, then I added coriander seed, which is discreetly herbal and quite unlike fresh coriander, which can be intense. I finished with just a dash of orange peel to round out the citrus. It’s a subtle blend perfect for spring and summer.

What cocktail will you be making with your gin?

The Gimlet is my cocktail of choice - a 1920s classic that’s simple to make.

I’ve also used the gin in a dessert: mix the gin with caster sugar, some tonic and thinly sliced lemons, then reduce on the stove. Once cooled, the lemons make a great, zingy topping for a cake or pavlova.

Favourite way to unwind with a cocktail?

With so much time at home recently, I’ve enjoyed sipping a Gimlet as I’ve taught myself a few old-school games like backgammon and, coincidentally, gin rummy. Always with music and pistachios.

[Shop Archie Rose x Australian Design Review Tailored Spirits]((https://archierose.com.au/tailored-spirits/partnerships/archie-rose-x-australian-design-review/)