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Love Notes, Thank Yous + Marriage Proposals: The Stories Behind Our Tailored Spirits

Since we first began making spirits in 2014, our Tailored Gin, Vodka and Whisky has journeyed to thousands of homes, each printed with personalised names, messages and endless combinations of botanical blends. To this day, every Tailored Spirit is uniquely created by our production team at our distillery in Sydney and then labelled by hand to order. Doing this by hand means we see everything, from housewarming gifts, graduation messages, ‘sorry’ messages and even marriage proposals (one of our favourites). Our team reviews the messages on our Tailored Spirits orders daily, and they wouldn’t hesitate to tell you it's often the best part of their day.

Sometimes the messages are heartfelt, sometimes humorous, sometimes cryptic and sometimes even a little odd! There are always bottles ‘to be shared on your 18th’, ‘to crack open on your wedding day’, and ‘to ask your closest friends to be your bridesmaid’.

Last year, we had a beautiful marriage proposal on one bottle, which was presented to them at the Archie Rose Bar as a surprise with ‘Will You Marry Me’ printed on the front of the bottle. The best part was that we were asked to play a part in that very special moment, and we were giddy to be in on the surprise as they enjoyed a special evening at the Archie Rose Bar. (They said yes!)

The lead-up to Father’s Day last year had the team in stitches, reading the beautiful and hilarious messages written on the back of the bottle for all the Dads out there. Whether it was their first Father’s Day or potentially their last, it was an honour to read all the personal notes written for beloved dads. There were notes thanking them for everything they had done, with everything from looking after the grandkids to teaching them how to do a bush wee! Getting to play a part in people’s milestones is an absolute honour and such a big part of why we love our Tailored Spirits.

Here are some of our favourite messages of late:

“Thank you for being my friend, my advocate, support, shoulder to cry on, giving me words of wisdom and support. Thank you for being my family. I love you”

“A drop to celebrate your wedding. Thank you for letting us be part of your love story. Here’s to forever.”

“Congratulations! Here’s to a new home, new adventure, new memories!”

“Happy engagement! Grateful for our friendship and so excited to celebrate your love!”

“Thank you for everything. Your support and friendship over the years has meant the world to me. You’re the best teacher ever”

“Dad, thank you so much for being such a special part of our wedding, it meant so much to us having you marry us!”

“We are so unbelievably proud of you! Congratulations on your graduation!”

“Congratulations on the birth of your son. May your legend-status continue!”

It's extra special that we get to read each label, bottle each one, and individually hand-produce. Sometimes, when things get really busy here, our e-commerce team will even pop down to visit our tailored spirits team so that we can peek at some of the bottles going out. It’s a surefire way to put a smile on our faces.

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