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By Lachlan Beange, AmbassadorISSUE #001 THE JOURNEY | Community

The Cotton Thief, Cremorne

One of the most exciting things for me, as an Ambassador for Archie Rose, is to see bottles of our Gin, Vodka and White Rye appear on shelves around some of the best bars in Sydney. Especially when it’s at my local! The Cotton Thief in Cremorne, opened in 2013, is a haven for Australian craft spirits. Dave Brown, owner and operator, has a passion for Australian produce, and after coming down to see the distillery and meet the team has taken on all three products to sit in esteemed company on his back bar.

Paying homage to his great, great, great Grandfather, William Brown, (who was transported to Australia in 1822 for a case of cotton thievery) Dave is continuing his ancestors mischievous spirit with this Lower North Shore small bar, offering food and drinks ‘til late. Australian spirits take the lead, accented by a solid craft beer and wine offering, and an Australian inspired cocktail list, soon to exclusively feature Australian spirits. Located just 100 meters from The Orpheum Cinema, The Cotton Thief is the spot to grab an Archie Rose martini and a bite to eat either before a film, a late evening hangout, or a catch up with friends over some great Australian produce.

In a strange turn of events, The Cotton Thief himself died in 1864, only 11 short years after the last independent distillery in Sydney, The Brisbane Distillery in Chippendale, was closed down. This makes it more than likely that William Brown would have also imbibed some of Sydney’s spirituous offerings, and more than 160 years later we can raise a glass of Archie Rose and give a toast to those convicts-turned-free who helped shape this city into what we have today.

We are proud to be able to showcase our wares in such a fantastic venue, and I know it will be hard to keep me away. Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, Original Vodka and White Rye, now shared in good spirits at The Cotton Thief in Cremorne.