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By Archie Rose Team, BanksmeadowISSUE #029 IN GOOD SPIRITS AND GOOD COMPANY | Community

The Archie Rose Team’s Best Holiday Hosting Hacks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Keep it that way with these ingenious tips and tricks, guaranteed to keep stress levels low when you’re hosting your nearest and dearest at home.

Will Edwards, Founder

Negronis - in one go, you can make literally as many as your largest stirring vessel will hold. The ratio is 1:1:1 (Gin: Vermouth: Campari), so it is impossible to screw up, and they are an absolute classic. I once raced Harriet (Archie Rose's Head of Hospitality) and made 23 in the time it took her to make one - it wasn't pretty, but I got it done.”

Riahne Snape, Bartender

“My go-to dessert is a berry meringue layer cake - affectionately nicknamed 'Riahne's drunk dessert' after my questionable serving method at a particularly rowdy Christmas (my grandma was horrified!). Three or four thin meringue layers baked in 40cm x 40cm squares, layered with whipped cream, summer berries, chocolate shavings, and dusted with icing sugar. The meringue and whipped cream can be made in advance, so all you have to do on the day is layer the meringue, cream, and berries, which only takes five minutes. Great for little kids to help with, and easy to swap out different toppings too!”

David Fisher, Senior Spirits Blender

“I always have pre-batched martinis in the freezer over Christmas - they never go off, and it means you always have a drink ready to go to get the ball rolling. I also try and have a nice magnum of something low ABV like cider in the fridge for some variety during a long Christmas lunch.”

Victoria Tulloch, Head of Marketing

"Everyone needs an excellent salad dressing that can dress up most things. My go-to is a Kylie Kwong adaptation of olive oil, soy sauce, honey, rice vinegar and lemon. Once shaken, it’s a sure-fire winner for most salads, vegetables, or as a dressing for poached chicken, fish or shellfish."

Amelia Baddeley, Senior Marketing Coordinator

“Onion dip, candles to light the mood up (pun intended), and this Kitchen Swagger playlist.”

Lauren Thomas, Events Planner

“One of the best parts about Christmas is that it is mango season. If I am having people over, one of my go-tos is to create a cocktail using fresh mango. Always a crowd pleaser and tastes like summer.”

Keira Scurry, Marketing Coordinator

“For the culinary-challenged, like myself, you can always rely on a basic cob loaf to please a party. The simpler, the better. My go-to is asparagus (must be from a jar - soft and slightly salty), sour cream, cheese, and spring onion melted into a giant loaf of crusty bread. Don't knock it until you try it - bonding over a good cob loaf has been integral to many wonderful friendships in my life!”

Gabriella Aharon, Senior Events Planner

“Fry Onion & garlic... then dispose and order take away.”

Harriet Leigh, Head of Hospitality

“The picnic hack that I used to great success during picnic season this year was pre-batching cocktails in a Hydro Flask. I took Margaritas, Southsides, and Negronis to many a picnic - an easy upgrade on the usual wine and beer (or canned cocktails) that most people encounter when dining outside. For a slightly lower ABV drink take a few bottles of chilled soda with you and use it to top your cocktails to make Spritzes on the fly. If you want to make them memorable don't forget the garnish. The difference between a delicious drink in a plastic cup and a cocktail in a plastic cup is a fancy hat.”

Rachel Stone, eCommerce & Digital Marketing Manager

“My top tip is to be hosted rather than be the host! If that's not an option, always start with cocktails and end with a cheese board. You can never have too much cheese.”