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By Elizabeth Gracie, Social Media & Content EditorISSUE #032 CELEBRATING OUR POLLINATORS AND HONEY MAKERS THIS WORLD BEE DAY | Education

See What All The Buzz Is About - Our Eau De Bee Honey Spirit

Honey is the flavour of the month here at Archie Rose as we celebrate World Bee Day on 20 May. In light of this, we thought we would return to one of our favourite limited releases Eau De Bee Honey Spirit, featuring one of nature's sweetest and smoothest delights - honey.

Our Eau De Bee is aptly named, deriving its flavour and ingredients from South Australian Bluegum honey, a superb autumn honey that has a dense and smooth texture with sweet aromas and flavours of fruity eucalypt.

Honouring the creatures that pollinate a wealth of biodiversity, we brought this drink to life as a sweet spin on the classic eau de vie.

Traditionally an eau de vie is an unaged, fruit-based spirit. If it is grape-based and spends a couple of years in oak, it comes out as a fully-fledged, permitted-to-vote brandy, Cognac being the most famous example. Some common unaged grape-based spirits around the world that you may have encountered are Pisco, Grappa, and even a few vodkas! For those unaccustomed to drinking eau de vie, think of this spirit as an unaged brandy or blanco tequila to be tried neat or in the place of tequila or white rum in a cocktail.

Within the non-grape fruit world, there are many different varieties, which is where the story behind our very own honey spirit comes in!

Archie Rose Distillers fermented Blue Gum Honey in our bespoke Washback no.12 for seven days before it was cold distilled in our one-of-a-kind copper vacuum stills, the result offering soft, creamy notes of golden syrup, creme fraiche, elderflower, and cherry ripe.

For those still on the fence we assure you that the dazzling display of delicate florals will leave any eau de vie, rum, or brandy drinker truly satisfied.

In celebration of our Eau De Bee Honey Spirit and the hardworking bees that helped bring it to life, 10% of proceeds from its sale will be donated to Wheen Bee Foundation, Australia’s leading bee charity.

Promoting awareness of the important role bees play in protecting our ecosystem health, Wheen Bee promotes awareness of the importance of bees for food security and raises funds for research that addresses the national and global threats to bees.

Honouring our honey makers, ecosystem savers, and pollinators, try out our honey spirit today for yourself!

To celebrate World Bee Day we are giving away a complimentary jar of Archie Rose’s own Distillery Honey with all orders (not including experiences, gift cards, bar reservations, and merchandise). T&C's apply. This complimentary honey offer is not valid on orders being shipped to Western Australia due to the state’s biosecurity laws.