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By Sophie McComas, ContributorISSUE #007 SUMMER’S BEST | News

PS40 Launch Take-home Soda Range

Our friends and collaborators at PS40 have launched their first range of hand-made, take-home sodas. This is really exciting news for all who give a damn about good drinks, because Thor Berquist and Michael Chiem’s bottles of fizz are truly special. Made entirely from scratch from native Australian botanicals and local, natural ingredients, PS Sodas include wattleseed, Australian ginger, pink Margaret River salt and native lemongrass. Until now, the only way to drink them was at their brilliant bar in Sydney’s CBD, and a range of other bars (including ours!). Now, you can stock your fridge at home with Smoked Lemonade, Wattle Cola, Blackstrap Ginger and Bush Tonic sodas until there’s no more room for actual food.

We worked with the guys on a Red Peruvian quinine extract to form the backbone of their Bush Tonic (which, we might add, perfectly matches our Signature Dry Gin - come try it in the Archie Rose Bar). This range of pop is certainly interesting.