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By Sophie McComas, ContributorISSUE #038 FOR THE JOY OF READING & WRITING | Education

Our Top Five Reading Spots

One of life's many great challenges, finding the perfect place to curl up with a good book! Whether near or far there are always a few trusty reading nooks to fall back on, and, at the risk of tooting our own horn, we’re pretty sure we’ve found them all toot toot.

So, your Archie Rose Book Club delivery just arrived. You’ve now got not one but two brand-spanking-new Aussie reads and a bottle of liquid inspiration (i.e. the limited edition Archie Rose Writer’s Gin) sparkling in a tonic. All that’s left to decide is where to get stuck in. With this exact struggle in mind, we’ve curated our list of top reading spots to get you inspired.

1. At a bookshop/library

Variety truly is the spice of life, and what better way to keep your options open and choices abundant than by scheduling your next reading session at the home of new books? The perks: there’ll be plenty of people around to ask for book recommendations, enforced peace and quiet and an abundance of nooks and armchairs rife for the taking. A bookworm’s no-brainer.

2. By a roaring fireplace

By far the most romantic of all. There are few places better to get your read on than by a roaring fire, snuggled in a lounge chair, particularly when the air is crisp and cool outside. Our advice: pour yourself a serve or two of The Writer’s Gin - here’s a cocktail or two to inspire.

3. Transport (Bus, plane, train, yacht)

While this is one specific to those of us not affected by motion sickness, to those such lucky souls who are not, we couldn't recommend a travel read more! They say “It's not the destination but the journey”, but let us raise you one, “It’s not the destination but all the journeys you have on the journey”. A side trip to the moon, to an ancient kingdom, to a cocktail-making masterclass: all made possible with a good book as your travel companion. It goes without saying - this is recommended for passengers only!

4. On holiday

So, you’ve taken our advice and have been reading the whole way to your destination, now what to do when you get there? Keep reading, of course. Life is busy. Totally unencumbered by life’s obligations, on holiday you’ve got ample time to work your way through the stack that’s been sitting on the nightstand for months. Take the time to lounge gloriously by the beach, in the lobby of your hotel, gazing out the window at the snow-topped mountains or whatever scene best suits your vacation and simply soak it all in.

5. At a bar

We know what you’re thinking, hear us out... Still, working through your fear of dining/drinking alone? Us too. Solution: bring a book and suddenly you’re there with purpose, you're enjoying your independence, and, best of all, you’re instantly the coolest, most mysterious person there. Bonus points if it’s a conversation-starter type of read, that’s friend-making material. Get comfortable, focus on the joy of reading, and don’t worry about keeping your drink topped up (that’s someone else's job).

Need help to pick the book to accompany you at any of these top spots? Take a look through our pick of the top 10 spirits books to read now.

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