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By Will Edwards, FounderISSUE #002 IN GOOD SPIRITS | Community

Noma Beer and other Archie Rose Favourites

When we conceived Archie Rose we had a goal of creating an experience that is much more than the spirits we produce onsite.

Our inner-city distillery, bar and the spirits we make – gin, vodka, whisky - are the backbone of this experience. Just as passionately, we wanted to champion and support other local and international beer, wine and spirits producers we admire.

We’ve been fortunate to play host to some incredible success stories. Here are a few we’re currently featuring behind the bar at Archie Rose (until they run out).

Edge, Noma Beer

On the off-chance you missed the fanfare, one of the world’s most influential restaurants, Noma, popped up in Sydney earlier this year for a 10 week stint, delivering offbeat, unexpected, native Australian flavours on their menu.

Given his passion for local, indigenous produce, it comes as no surprise that Noma’s René Redzepi approached award-winning, Melbourne-based brewery Edge, Brewing Project to craft an exclusive Noma beer for the Sydney instalment.

Edge, Noma is a barrel-aged, lemon myrtle and cherry ale. Akin to a straight lambic or sahti, this beautifully refreshing, low carbonation beer offers lifted aromas with a soft complexity.

We have a few cases of Edge, Noma available now for the first time outside Noma. Limited supplies only with one case per venue.

Click here to see the Archie Rose Bar opening hours. Hope to see you soon.

Anty Gin, Noma Gin

Continuing the Noma theme, The Cambridge Distillery in the UK was commissioned by Rene Redzepi’s Nordic Food Lab to produce a very limited, experimental spirit that goes by the name of Anty Gin.

Anty Gin forgoes traditional citrus flavours, finding its citrus edge through the addition of pure wood ant distillate. Specifically, the formic acid naturally produced by the ants offers a herbal, spiced citrus note that lifts the gin in a similar way to lemon myrtle in our Signature Dry Gin. In a batch of only 99 bottles, we have one of these anty treasures currently sitting on the Archie Rose back bar, If you’re feeling adventurous, try it while it lasts but be sure to ask for a taste of the pure ant distillate as well!

Umami Spirit, Audemus Spirits

A French-Australian distiller and friend of mine, Miko Abouaf established Audemus Spirits in 2013 in Cognac, France.

Specialising in small batch, unique spirit blends coupled with traditional distilling techniques, we recently swapped a couple of Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin bottles for some Audemus Pink Pepper Gin and Umami to add to our collection.

For the gin lover, the Pink Pepper Gin is an excellent, beautifully spiced and aromatic spirit. But it’s the wonderfully wild Umami - featuring Italian capers, umami-rich ingredients and finished in ex-Cognac casks - that offers a rich delicacy and strangeness all of its own!

Likely the only bottles of their kind available in Australia, we invite you to test the mettle of our bartenders and request these spirits in a cocktail to savour.

Click here to see the Archie Rose Bar opening hours. Hope to see you soon.