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By Archie Rose Team, BanksmeadowISSUE #026 A BRAVE NEW WORLD | Community

New & Next: Everything Inspiring The Archie Rose Team Right Now

From new-gen artists and insightful podcasts to a surfer who isn’t afraid to speak up, discover the simple things galvanising the Archie Rose team right now.

Lumen at White Rabbit Gallery

Recommended by Amanda Jennings, Product Marketing Manager

White Rabbit Gallery

“From the blindingly brilliant to the dim and diffused, White Rabbit Gallery’s new exhibition Lumen looks to the light to reveal the overlooked and intangible. I recommend a trip to uncover the invisible architecture that shapes our world.”

Recommended by Nina Schultz, Events Manager

Alice Oehr

“Alice is a local artist to follow for anyone who loves cookbooks as much as I do—especially those with a niche interest in vintage illustrated recipes, fancy cakes and bright colours. She's also published two recipe books that are brimming with her vibrant illustrations; The Art of Cake and Recipes with Friends.

Scott Duncan

“This awesome ceramicist takes inspiration from discarded pieces of cardboard food packaging to create unique, visually tactile designs. If this is your vibe, be sure to also check out Kil.n.it—an experimental ceramics studio nestled within the back streets of Glebe.”

FBi Radio

“In 2003 I turned 18 and a sick new radio station started broadcasting, bringing Sydney a much needed platform to connect with emerging and independent artists. Now, FBi Radio is turning 18 and they're still independent, not-for-profit, and dedicated to their policy of playing at least 50% Australian music at all times. It’s well worth tuning into 94.5 (or streaming it online) and celebrating the impact FBi has had on Sydney's music, arts & culture scene.”

Hyde Park Barracks After Dark Program

“On the last Thursday of every month Hyde Park Barracks is staying up late for their After Dark program. Each month you can expect something new, with music curated by FBi radio, eclectic talks, tours and installations from the team at Sydney Living Museums, and the Archie Rose team manning the bar. Be sure to stop by for a Canned Cocktail and a boogie.”

Recommended by Daniel Hutchins-Read, Brand Ambassador (NSW & ACT)

Kieran Turner

“Kieran Turner, one of our casual Brand Ambassadors, is also an incredibly talented digital artist. When he's not hosting Archie Rose tastings and events you can find him creating some amazing stylised designs featuring native birds, as well as psychedelic pop-art scenes. Check him out at @keekstheartist.”

Artwork by Kieran Turner (left) and Alice Oehr

Recommended by Jessedy Liu, Distiller

Lucy Small

“My mate Lucy Small is a current inspiration of mine. She just won a surf comp that awarded $1500 to first place in the women's division, while giving the winner of the men’s group $4000. During her acceptance speech she called out the disparity and her comment ended up making the news and blew up to the point that Surfing Australia updated their rulebook to say that affiliated comps must award equal prize money to men and women. I really like this story because it's a great example of one person’s small act leading to a big change. The world would be a lot better if more people did stuff like that.”

Recommended by Will Edwards, Founder

Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang

“I recently listened to the audiobook version of Rest by Alex Soojung-Kim Pang and found it super interesting.”

Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru-ume Yuzushu

“I had my sister over for dinner a couple of weeks ago and we enjoyed a couple of Heiwa Shuzo Tsuru-ume Yuzushus. I was introduced to it in a restaurant in Tokyo a few years ago and forgot just how delicious it was! It's not super easy to find in Australia and is pretty expensive, but it has the most amazing clean Yuzu flavour.”

Recommended by Keira Scurry, Marketing Coordinator

Trend Board

“Trend Board shares a host of interesting creations by trailblazers in the fashion, art and design industries. It's always fun to see what's trending and spot something inspiring on your Instagram feed.”

Performance Space

“I’m looking forward to heading along to a show courtesy of Performance Space—a local organisation giving a platform to experimental art and encouraging new ways of creative thinking. Right now you can check out their latest series Live Dreams (13-16 May) at 10% off. Enter the code DREAMS10 when booking tickets.”

Recommended by Jonnathan Liu, Venue Manager

Drinks Adventures Podcast

“For up-to-the-minute news, interviews and analysis on the Australian alcoholic beverage industry, take a listen to Drinks Adventures—James Atkinson shares some great insights. It's my daily podcast to and from work.”

The Elysian Whisky Bar

“There are very few bars in Australia where you can truly appreciate whisky in the perfect environment. The level of care and knowledge delivered by Kelvin and Yao makes it an unforgettable experience.”

Recommended by Victoria Tulloch, Head of Marketing

P&V Paddington

“I'm loving P&V’s clever new outpost in Paddington. Buy your wine from the bottle shop at the front, then drink it in the courtyard out the back.”

Claudia Damichi

"Shit year? Claudia Damichi could be your tonic. Her Bauhaus and disco-inspired artwork is first on my current birthday list."

Evelyn Aruluen

"If you haven't yet encountered Evelyn Aruluen, now's the time. Self-described as a 'Goorie-Koori PhD poet writing on Indigenous women', she blew my mind at opening night of this year's Sydney Writers' Festival and introduced me to Overland."

P&V Paddington

Recommended by Paul Slater, Brand Ambassador (VIC & TAS)

Live Music

“As a Melbournite I'm blessed to reside in Australia's—if not the world's—best live music capital, and there's never been a better time to get behind your local performers and venues. Our musos are coming back at full speed after a forced hibernation, and they need our support. Not to mention many of our local venues are still operating at around 50% capacity, so get in there, buy a beer and revel in the fact you'll get a better view of the acts than ever before. The last three venues I've delved into are The Old Bar, The Tote and The Night Cat, all of which are located on the same street.”

Theatre & the Arts

“Witnessing the return of our culturally iconic institutions has been inspiring to say the least. The NGV has just wrapped up this year's Triennial and is now launching into some huge instalments including She-Oak and Sunlight: Australian Impressionism. Meanwhile, Malthouse Theatre has done an outstanding job of adapting their space to maximise audience immersion with their latest show, Because The Night. It's definitely one of the most gripping performances I've witnessed to date."

Recommended by Simon Flood, Trade Marketing Manager

YCK Laneways

“Until 22 May, a group of Sydney CBD bars are coming together to throw block party-style events—an inspiring reminder of how far we’ve come this year. Events, culture and community are back!”

Recommended by Nick Baxter, Brand Advocacy Manager


“Hamilton the musical has arrived in Sydney at the Lyric Theatre, and I have tickets to go check it out next month. After a year that included only a handful of in-person events, I'm very much looking forward to this one!”

The Foo Fighters, Chasing Birds

“The Foo Fighters are still going strong and just released a cool new music video for their song "Chasing Birds", from the band’s latest album Medicine at Midnight. I'd highly recommend checking it out—it's a trippy, psychedelic video that is so much fun.”