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By Harriet Leigh, Head of HospitalityISSUE #007 SUMMER’S BEST | Community

Negronis at the Belvoir

The birth of the Belvoir is one of the great tales of Australian culture. Just over 30 years ago The Nimrod Theatre in Surry Hills was facing its demise as the developers cutting a path through Surry Hills edged closer. Two devoted staff members encouraged 600 of their friends and neighbours to each part with $1000 to save the building, certainly not small change at the time. The theatre was renamed Belvoir, after the street, and to this day produces some of Australia's best theatre. They not only reinterpret forgotten and lesser-known classics, but also commission brilliant Australian plays, which makes our new partnership all the more fitting. How very Belvoir that they didn't look to a big, international spirit producer with deep pockets to support them in their 2018 season, but instead they approached their local distillery just down the road.

We'll be bringing spirits to the bar at the playhouse for the whole season. We're also making a bottled cocktail to serve each night - so even if you're running in as the chimes announce it's time to take your seat, you'll have time to grab an Archie Rose cocktail from the bar.

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