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By Rocky Hair, Creative Drinks ManagerISSUE #026 A BRAVE NEW WORLD | News

Introducing Our Future Classics Bottled Cocktail Range

Born out of one of the strangest years, we developed the Future Classics range as a dark and fun way to celebrate thriving through the apocalypse, with the initial concept question being: “What is your desert island drink?” I brought these variations on classic cocktails to life by imaging four dystopian scenarios; living in the stratosphere, smouldering megacities, radioactive plants developing into megaflora and deadly storms brewing over a tropical island.


The Cloud Century rises from the vapours of a 20th Century Cocktail, which traditionally pairs an unlikely couple in citrus and chocolate. Reimagined this drink tastes like the light of multiple suns, petrichor and cumulus clouds by spinning together Archie Rose Original Vodka, dry vermouth, yuzu, hazelnut and citrus.


The Neon Gimlet sprouts from a traditional Gimlet, flourishing in a world exposed to high levels of radiation, where plants have developed their own bioluminescence and vegetation has taken over to produce a thriving verdure. Signature Dry Gin grows fresh and is distorted with muscat grape, candied green apple, cucumber, jasmine and basil.


When the tropical high pressure of a Dark and Stormy meets its nemesis, the low-pressure tiki Zombie, the Tempest is born. This powerful vortex blends Archie Rose White Rye, pineapple, passionfruit, pink grapefruit, spiced lime, pomegranate and falernum. Best sipped on the sand of your desert island utopia while watching a tropical storm roll in.


The Nugroni is all that survives when all other drinks have demised. The last survivor in a singular industrial megacity, this variation of the classic negroni is instilled with smoke, grit and determination. Fortified with Distiller’s Strength Gin, classic bitters and sweet vermouth, this cocktail preserves the last of nature’s pears, tainted by the city’s smouldering ashes.