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By Will Edwards, FounderISSUE #004 THE SEASONS ARE CHANGING | News

In the Distillery

The distillery team has been through a gruelling research and development period over the last year. We’ve tested an unfathomable number of potential botanicals, trialled every toast and char combination there is and pushed our coopers to source a range of exotic casks. In short, Master Distiller Dave Withers and Head Distiller Shane Casey have worked bloody hard to respect, but challenge traditional distillation methods to create better quality and more unique spirits every day.

Our nearly 1,000 casks of whisky have also just passed the 24-month ageing mark when we can legally call them whisky – hurrah! They’re still a little way off maturity, but rushing things isn’t our style. We’re constantly testing and are waiting for the casks to tell us when they’re ready to roll. When they are, you’ll be the first to know.