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By Keira Scurry, Assistant Brand Manager

How I Got Here: Assistant Brand Manager Keira Scurry

Tell us about your career path and what led you to Archie Rose?

I started my career in graphic design. I studied Design in Visual Communication at UTS and became fascinated with the how and why behind design and branding. That interest led me to study advertising & media, and after interning endlessly between marketing and design roles I landed a job in marketing in fashion. I spent a few years moving through different fields of marketing & comms both in Sydney and London until I found Archie Rose at the start of 2021. I was instantly attracted to the story, the creativity, the quintessentially Sydney identity and the brand as a whole. It was my first time leaping into the land of spirits, I’ve had the opportunity to flex my design and marketing skills and it’s been a fabulous ride ever since.

What do you love about your job?

I love working with a team who supports others and has one common goal in mind. Looking for new brand opportunities is always fun when both our team and brand partners are as buzzed and passionate to bring campaigns to life as I am.

What is your current role like? What about this role makes you want to get up in the morning?

My role as Assistant Brand Manager means I get to work with everyone in the Marketing team on campaigns and brand activity, I also work closely with the Events team, our lovely Cultural Partners, and our external agencies on super exciting brand opportunities. The possibilities are what excites me - I’ve watched the brand grow so much in the past 18 months so seeing the fun stuff come to life is always a treat.

Tell us what the Brand team is like at Archie Rose?

I’ve been lucky enough to have watched the marketing team grow from a small group of buzzing all-rounders, to now four focussed teams including Digital & E-Comm, Design & Packaging, Trade and Brand. We’re building a foundation to form a strong brand team with a focus on strategy, partnerships, media, creative and more. I’m beyond excited to have more hands on deck and make our big brand dreams a reality.

What skills are the most crucial to succeeding in this career? What type of person do you need to be?

I’ve learned that being open-minded and thinking big is always a great asset, especially when you’re looking to work in Marketing for a growing business. The spirits industry is fun and flexible, all ideas are welcome so make them known!

Favourite thing about working for Archie Rose?

I love everyone’s passion for the products and the brand. I remember noticing it on my very first day and it still amazes me now.

Most rewarding outcome/experience/challenge yet whilst working for Archie Rose?

As my role has evolved a lot within the Marketing team I’ve been lucky to be part of a wide range of amazing projects, from packaging and Tailored Spirits to large campaigns. Some of my favourites include working with Mardi Gras, we get to be ultra creative and it’s amazing to be activating in and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community. I’ve also loved working with our charity partners. Last year I designed a Tailored Label for ActionAid where 10% of proceeds from every purchase went towards supporting women in crisis worldwide - I loved being part of that and working closely with Action Aid.