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By Rocky Hair, Creative Drinks ManagerISSUE #025 WE RISE TOGETHER | Education

Hosting Hacks For Your Mardi Gras Viewing Party

Mardi Gras season, otherwise known as Gay Christmas, is a huge celebration for the Australian LGBTQI+ community. From party yachts on the harbour to partiers in the gutters of Marrickville, the diverse celebration of pride that Mardi Gras brings about is an incredible moment to share with your chosen family, as well as a welcome opportunity to dress up big and pretend the world isn’t burning.

A saying I like to subscribe to goes, “One's company, two's a crowd, and three's a party,” but now that we can have thirty* people in our homes here in NSW, I don’t know what that’s called, but it’s definitely a good time. So, if you’re having everyone over to your house to watch the parade on 6 March, here’s some tips for getting it right.

Safety First

Without dipping too far into the details of our new global lifestyle, we all know that right now, safety comes first—though that doesn’t mean that you and your guests need to compromise on style. Forget your regular PPE and don one of Face Masker’s super-sparkly creations. Or you could always try to make Sexy Hand Sanitiser a lewk.


The fastest way to transform your home into the perfect underground rave hole is with lighting. Decorate with these smart lights and you’ll be able to play around with the colour concept and strobe settings until you land on a setup that suits your vibe.

Disco Drinks

Forget hours of preparation—there really is only one choice for drinks on Mardi Gras night: our Mardi Gras party pack. This case of pre-mixed disco cocktails was made specifically for sharing and convenience, meaning all you have to do is pour them over ice when you’re ready for a drink. For the non-drinkers in attendance, keep it spicy with these delicious Lime & Jalapeno sodas from Strangelove.

The Main Event

The headliner of the night i.e. the parade will screen on SBS On Demand from 6pm AEDT, and from 7:30pm AEDT on SBS and NITV. Enjoy!

*According to current NSW Regulations