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By Dave Withers, Production ManagerISSUE #002 IN GOOD SPIRITS | Education

For the Love of Good Spirits

There are few drinks that evoke a sense of community the way a quality spirit does. By their very nature, spirits such as whisky, gin, vodka and rum are for sharing and eliciting companionship and conversation. Most of us can recall occasions in which sharing a spirit with family, friends, colleagues, partners has added more than a memorable dimension to the flavour experience. What good is climbing Mount Everest if there is no one to share the view? Equally, a glass of rare Port Ellen or Pappy van Winkle 23 Year Old is all the more enchanting with a companion or two.

One of our intentions when establishing Archie Rose was to create a product, place and experience that would bring people together around this ethos of companionship and conviviality. The Archie Rose Distillery – and our gin, vodka and whisky offering - was conceived in an effort to re-ignite Sydney’s rich distilling history. The Archie Rose Bar came from a desire to offer people a watering hole to congregate over a drink, talk about their days, wash away formality and create new companions.

With just over twelve months under our distilling belts, there are a myriad of memories we have shared and enjoyed with you. Of course your love of spirits is top of the list, but so too is your openness to learning. We’ve watched friendships flourish in the Archie Rose Bar and seen people come alive around the spirit of education through our whisky appreciation classes, gin blending sessions and specialist seasonal events. We’ve also happily played host to over 3000 people on tours through our distillery since opening.

Archie Rose creates unique, tailored spirits and offers them in an environment that thrives on the spirit of sharing. It is no mistake that each and every one of our Archie Rose products is prefaced with this small but important statement - “Distilled, bottled and shared at Archie Rose.” The joy of a drink is illuminated by the community and company in which it is imbibed. Drinking quality spirits should be done in good company. We raise a glass to that.

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