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By Sophie McComas, ContributorISSUE #037 PROUDLY FOR EVERYONE | Community

Come Celebrate Sydney WorldPride 2023 With Us At Archie Rose

Get your calendars ready, we’ve got an incredible line-up of limited edition Sydney WorldPride events for you to pen straight into the diary. Trust us when we say this special, sparkly (and very limited) series is as packed as a Drag Queen’s tour suitcase.

The Archie Rose Bar - In Drag!

Speaking of fabulous Drag Queens, you can join in on their larger than life antics with our Drag Make-up session, presented by Philmah Bocks, and Ru Paul’s Drag Racer, Jojo Zaho. Expect an eye-opening makeover, lots of innuendo and plenty of Archie Rose cocktails. Or, if you fancy a round of Drag Bingo, they’ll be calling that one too. With cocktails to match, naturally.

The art of drawing, sculpting and cocktails

Perhaps you’d like to get more in touch with your arty side? Try our Life Drawing class with Schisandra Sapphire. A queer take on the usual format, this promises to be fun, reflective and very entertaining.

Craft queers can also indulge in Gay Klay, where the nipple will finally be freed through clay! With host Karina Goudie you’ll shape and mold bums, boobs and other bulbous objects. Or you can opt for a teapot if that doesn’t tickle your fancy.

Rainbow power, brain power

We’ve also got you covered for knowledge and empowerment this Sydney WorldPride. Put your pride to test with our Queer Trivia or learn the ins and outs of Sex Ed with LBDO Founder, Rachel Baker, and LBDO sexologist, Meg Callander.

Whether it’s for any (or all) of these excellent events, or simply to take in our beautiful rainbow walkway, we hope to see you at the Archie Rose bar this Sydney WorldPride with bells and glitter on!