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By Archie Rose Team, BanksmeadowISSUE #027 WHEN COFFEE MEETS WHISKY | Community

Blasphemous Food And Drink Combos That Taste Really Good

Just like coffee and whisky, there are a few food and drink pairings that seem a little strange—until you try them. Here, the Archie Rose team shares their favourite so-weird-they-work culinary combinations.

Amelia Baddeley, Senior Marketing Coordinator

“Cucumber and sugar sandwiches. Don't judge me—my diabetic nan used to make these with soft white bread and it was outta this world.”

“Ice cream and fries. Hot and cold, sweet and savoury—I'll say no more!”

Lisa Truscott, Senior Distiller

“I shocked Master Distiller Dave Withers by telling him my first love was Jameson and cranberry. Throw in fresh lime and bob's your uncle. I still love it to this day.”

Will Edwards, Founder

“On the booze front, spiking your Red Snappers (effectively a gin Bloody Mary) with a nip of heavily peated whisky. Or, if you can find a bottle, our Smoked Gin from early 2019 will have you sorted on both fronts.

“Vegemite on red capsicum (it must be red). And if the fridge is looking a little lean during lockdown, black pepper on buttered toast—generous on the butter, generous on the pepper. Yep.”

Kirsten Kayne, Procurement & Project Manager

“Lockdown life tip: buy 3.25 kilos of french brie and FEAST. I recommend Bacon, Banana and Brie toasties (The BBB)—a combo of salty, sweet and gooey! Cook up your bacon, mash the ripest banana you have in your house and thickly slice the ooiest gooiest brie that you have acquired from the Simon Johnson fromagerie. Toast in your sandwich press and try not to burn your mouth on the lava cheese!”

Jami Irwin, Experience & Cellar Door Manager

“This happened by accident, but one time my boyfriend and I ordered takeaway food from Coogee Pav, which included chicken wings, cheesecake, and a mystery dipping sauce. It was dark when we were eating and we assumed the sauce was for the wings. We dipped in the wings and were wondering why it was so sweet, but figured it was still ok. Upon further inspection, we realised it was a caramel sauce for the cheesecake... not wings sauce. So, completely by surprise, we discovered that caramel sauce is AMAZING with fried chicken. The saltiness of the crispy chicken combined with the heavy and warm sweetness of the caramel makes for an odd, but delicious combo.”

Natalie Mell, Digital & Social Media Editor

“Noone really likes plain vanilla ice cream, do they? When it’s all you’ve got in the house, pairing each mouthful with a little spoonful of peanut butter makes it a much tastier experience.”

“If you haven’t tried it yet, vegemite and avocado on toast is a winning combination.”

Jessedy Liu, Distiller

“One of my favourite pairings is oysters and sour beer. It's just like adding lemon juice or a vinaigrette, but you get some funky flavour combos - especially if you use beers from Wildflower in Marrickville.”

Simon Flood, Trade Marketing Manager

“Some think this is odd, but I think it's odd to think it's odd… MAYO ON PIZZA!”