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By Harriet Leigh, Head of Hospitality ISSUE #003 FROM STRENGTH TO STRENGTH | Community

Bartender Series

The concept for our Bartender of the Month series is a multi-layered one. On the one hand we get to steal ideas from some of the best in the business, on the other we get to tell our customers about what we consider to be some of the best bars in Sydney. It also gives a new dimension to our menu and a look at what other bartenders are doing in their venues.

What better way to kick it off than with passionate craft soda expert and lauded mixologist Thor Bergquist, one half of the sparkling duo behind PS Soda and Sydney cocktail bar PS40. Archie Rose was one of PS Soda’s first customers, and to this day the brand is the soda of choice in the Archie Rose Bar.

Thor has worked his cocktail magic in some of the world’s top bars in Singapore, London, New York and Australia. During his June residency, Thor wowed visitors to the Archie Rose Bar with his big and boldly flavoured beverages, a favourite being moody brew Big Trouble in Little Cynar (Cynar, Archie Rose White Rye, Angostura bitters, lemon zest, smoked salt).

PS Soda will soon be releasing their full range of sodas in a ready-to-drink, take-home range. We’ll make sure we tell you about it when they do and we’ll be stocking them available to take away from Archie Rose.

Until then, please raise a glass to Thor Bergquist - brother, bartender, soda baron.

Hot on the heels of Thor, Rachelle “Rocky” Hair was the second talent to move into the Archie Rose Bar. A rising star of Australian bartending, Rachelle learned the ropes at The Baxter Inn, home to one of the best whisky collections in Australia. Rachelle is the only female bartender to ever earn her stripes at the all-male Baxter and in 2015 she was the first female to win the Hot Talent Award at the Time Out Bar Awards. We’ll drink to that!

Rachelle ruled the Archie Rose bar through July, showcasing awesome creations such as the Tedium Merchant (frozen blackberries beaten with Pisco, Amer Picon and a touch of lime) and the winter warming Waning Moon (Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin shaken with Liqueur Chataigne and pear nectar).

To see who is next you’ll have to come into the bar yourself, but we promise it’ll be world class.