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By Sarah Frish, ContributorISSUE #017 THE SUMMER ISSUE | Community

Archie’s Helping Hands: Our 2019 Charity Initiatives

There’s no whisky without malt, no gin without juniper and no Archie Rose without the incredible Australian community. This sense of community is core to every spirit we distil and decision we make. As we evolve – expanding from our Rosebery home and embarking on a new distilling journey in Botany – so does our commitment to local initiatives that make the world a better place. This year, our team chose three community-lead programs close to our hearts. Archie Rose’s Head of Hospitality, Harriet Leigh has the inside scoop.

Fighting Chance

Fighting Chance design, build and scale social enterprises to empower Australians with disabilities, creating businesses to help identify challenges, overcome barriers and bridge the gap in employment opportunities. “It’s a cause very dear to my heart,” says Harriet, “they’ve just set up a co-working space for Australians with disabilities. The support is amazing, some people have assistance on a 1:1 basis.” We created a suite of cocktails for the Fighting Chance gala dinner to match the theme colours of purple and gold for their masquerade ball. “In hospitality, there’s so much work that can be done in this space,” says Harriet, “It’s incredible to be part of.”

Donate to fighting chance here

The Cova Project

“Most distillery businesses are 15% female and we’re 40%,” explains Harriet, reflecting on our work with The Cova Project, a social initiative which provides safe sanitary care for women all over the world. “We have a lot of strong women working around us who really care about women's issues. The initiative was a natural fit.” This year, The Cova Project have distributed over 3,000 menstrual cups to girls across Liberia, rural South Africa and Malawi. In the words of founder G.D Anderson, “Having your period isn’t an option and helping women to experience it safely and affordably shouldn’t be either.” We created two African-themed cocktails to kick-off their annual fundraising dinner including the Amarula Cooler, a homage to the national spirit of South Africa with rooibos and Angostura Bitters, and the Ginger Moon, a Liberian-inspired cocktail with a base syrup of fermented ginger beer, molasses, pineapple skins and yeast.

Donate to The Cova Project here

Youth Off The Streets

Since opening in 1991, Youth Off The Streets have supported disadvantaged young Australians who may be homeless, drug dependent or recovering from abuse. Through volunteer-led initiatives including counselling, crisis accommodation, outreach and residential programs, they’ve changed the lives of thousands of young Australians. “Our team were all really keen to support Youth Off the Streets this year,” says Harriet, “They give kids a second chance at life and that’s incredibly admirable.” We created a Blend Your Own Gin Masterclass Experience for ten people, ready to be auctioned at their Gala Dinner.

Donate to youth off the streets here

It’s an honour and privilege to work with such spirited establishments. We look forward to offering a helping hand for many years to come. Do you work with a charity you’d like us to collaborate with? Get in touch at info@archierose.com.au.