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By Sophie McComas, Contributor (In partnership with LBDO)ISSUE #037 PROUDLY FOR EVERYONE | Education

Archie Rose x LBDO Essensual Lube: The What, Why, How and When

The pleasure will be all yours thanks to our new collaboration with sexual wellness brand LBDO. Together, we created — queue the Marvin Gaye — a limited edition Essensual Lube. Crafted with sustainably sourced, native Australian ingredients and with label design by local artist Luke John Matthew Arnold, this lube is all about feeling good, nay, GREAT, on many levels. Many times over.

All because we both believe everyone deserves to experience pleasure in a way that’s uniquely our own, whether through the joy of an impeccably crafted cocktail or in the exploration of safe, inclusive sexual wellness.

As captured by Luke’s fun label that brings together loads of complementary colours, we partnered with the excellent folk at LBDO because of our shared ethos. That is, we both strive to create safe spaces for everyone and have a mutual love of heightened experiences. Plus, their approach to sex education is, well, sexy as. Open-minded, knowledge-centred and all about creating safe and inclusive conversations.

We like to think we take the same approach to knowledge sharing and conversations too, so we thought we ought to do a quick run (rub?) down on the ins and outs (sorry, the puns just keep, er, coming) of lube.

So, what is lube?

Put simply, lube is a liquid or gel that's intended to prevent unwanted friction during sex or masturbation. It keeps the wheels of your sexy times greased, basically.

*Why should we use it? *

When it comes to sex and self-pleasure, often wetter is better. Using lubricant doesn’t have to mean that you’re not aroused or even that there’s something wrong — it’s simply there to ensure more fun and decrease harm.

Also, in case you needed any more convincing: did you know lube makes it 50 percent easier for people to orgasm? (Source: Indiana University's Centre for Sexual Health). Plus, and this is a HUGE plus, using lube has been linked to less condom breakage. And thanks to its moisturising properties, lube also keeps skin from breaking or tearing.

Safe sex is sexy AF.

When should we use it?

Lube can be excellent in many circumstances, used to add extra moisture and ensure your sexual experience is more pleasurable, whether solo or with partner(s).

In fact, it can help make most sex more comfy but it's definitely key for safe anal sex and sex toy play.

Your imagination is the limit here, LBDO lube is safe (it’s 100% natural, vegan and cruelty-free and made using Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients) and sheets can be washed!

We also acknowledge that shopping for lube can be overwhelming, especially when you’re faced with such a huge range of options. Choosing the right lube for you is key and might need a bit of trial and error (alls well in love and lube though, no real errors here). However, not all lubricants are made equally and there are some ingredients you might want to watch out for.

There are water-based lubes for silicone toys, lubes specifically designed for anal play, ones that come with added ingredients to stimulate and increase the pleasure experience or just simple, pure oils.

Read up more from LBDO on the different kinds of lube here, then play and stay safe.

How should you use it?

In general it can be used during all kinds of play. We don’t recommend applying it directly to your bits though (it can feel cold and you might over saturate). Instead, try squeezing a small amount into your hand, warm it by rubbing with your fingers. Then go ahead and touch your lover or yourself with your lubricated fingers. Add more as needed.

A note too, that it can also be used on the body's other erogenous zone, not just P, V and A. Think: neck, ears, navel… explore what feels good!

What’s special about the LBDO x Archie Rose Lube?

There are a few reasons we reckon this collaboration is pretty special. First up, we’re two like-minded Aussie brands trying to do things differently for all of us here Down Under. We both love de-stigmatising pleasure and centring (safe) enjoyment for all walks of life.

Second up, this run of LBDO’s natural water-based personal lubricant is a one-off. Featuring a bespoke label by everyone’s favourite Instagram artist and statement maker John Matthew Arnold and with special native Australian ingredients we hand-selected, to give it that Archie Rose spin.

Plus, creating this lube has allowed us to open the door to great conversations like this one right here AND the Sex-Ed in the Distillery event we’ll be co-hosting with LBDO on the 2nd of March 2023 as part of WorldPride.

So, go forth lube-lovers, have fun, be safe.

Enjoy a complimentary bottle of limited-edition Archie Rose x LBDO Essensual Lube with any purchase of The Big Fruit! Gin, Harbour Cruisin' Sydney WorldPride Bottled Cocktail, Peaches On Beaches Sydney WorldPride Bottled Cocktail and special-edition Signature Dry Gin for a limited time only, while stocks last.

"Archie Rose x LBDO Essensual Lube is a natural water-based lubricant, made with Certified Organic hydrating Aloe vera and native Australian ingredients including Kakadu plum and quandong extract. Please note that it doesn't contain alcohol."

Sex Ed in the Distillery Anonymous Questions

We've rounded up some of the anonymous questions that were answered by sexologist extraordinaire Meg Callander at our Sex Ed in the Distillery session:

What is with men putting their thumbs in bums?

There are many nerve endings around the anal opening and within the anus, so anal stimulation can feel great for everyone. For penis-owners, internal anal stimulation can be particularly appealing because the prostate or “g-spot” can be accessed through the rectum. The prostate becomes engorged and sensitive during sexual arousal, so applying pressure on this area can be pleasurable and even orgasmic!

Does a prolapse play a part with insensitivity of the clitoris/vagina and if so how to fix it?

A prolapse can cause discomfort or pain in the vagina, as well as vaginal dryness and incontinence during vaginal penetration. These symptoms can be distracting and often make sexual arousal difficult. Luckily, with the help of a pelvic floor physiotherapist, the treatment of prolapse is effective and relatively non-invasive.

Concentration of nerve endings for the different external skin types for each genitalia.

The clitoris and penis are anatomical homologues, meaning that their structure is the same. There are around 10,000 - 11,000 nerves innervating the clitoris, so the penis has roughly the same amount. It’s the density of these nerve endings that differs between the two organs. There appears to be a higher concentration of nerves in the tip or head of the clitoris compared to the head of the penis, so the clit may feel more sensitive.

What’s the difference or similarities between male vs woman cumming?

An orgasm is defined as the sudden, involuntary release of sexual tension in the body. Given that we can build sexual tension in many ways (not just through genital stimulation), and given that our sexual context will always vary, no two orgasms are ever alike, even for folks with the same genitals and gender identity.

How has porn changed things? Is it bad?

Porn is a form of entertainment, not an accurate depiction of sex. It generally does not depict the really important elements of great sex, including enthusiastic consent, ongoing sexual communication, mutual pleasure, and safer sex measures like condom use for STI and pregnancy prevention. Porn also rarely showcases diverse body types. Subsequently, porn can create unrealistic expectations around sex, which leave people feeling pressure to look and perform like pornstars. It’s important to remember that porn is just entertainment, it is not a sex education tool.

I used to work in the sex industry around 5 years ago. Since then I feel less of a libido but enjoy sex all the same. Do you have any advice? Would this be connected? Or is this simply about the brain being excited for sex first?

Libido or sexual desire are influenced by a range of physical, social, emotional and psychological factors. For many folks, sexual desire is also responsive, meaning that desire emerges when sexy, erotic, arousing things start happening around them. It’s possible that your previous work context included more sexual and erotic stimuli than your current context, enabling your sexual desire to emerge more often!