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By Will Edwards, FounderISSUE #002 IN GOOD SPIRITS | Community

Archie Rose + PS Soda - The Perfect Partnership

At Archie Rose, we love working with other talented producers, both local and international, who share our love of quality and craftsmanship. PS Soda is one such product.

PS Soda was one of our very early Archie Rose Bar drinks conspirators. Like us they kicked off life around the same time in early 2015. Founded by talented cocktail bartenders Thor Berquist and Michael Chiem, this local soda is no average fizz.

The PS Soda product range is produced using a selection of native Australian botanicals and other local, naturally sourced ingredients. The botanicals naturally enhance the flavour profile of the soda resulting in some seriously charismatic offerings - Wattleseed Cola, Bush Tonic, Smoked Lemonade and Blackstrap Ginger Ale, to name a few. Thank you sir, I’ll have one of everything!

This makes them a perfect partner for our Archie Rose Signature Dry Gin, Original Vodka and White Rye at the Archie Rose Bar.

We’re stoked that Thor and Michael have now taken their soda dream one step further. PS40 is the new home of PS Soda. Launched earlier this month in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, PS40 is a world-first soda and cocktail bar. Set in a cavernous, monochromatic space with splashes of colour and lashings of flavour, this laneway locale is crafty in all the right ways.

PS40 is home to a custom-made bottling machine onsite at the bar, where the entire PS Soda range is produced and bottled. It’s a cellar door but not as you know it - with soda off the tap, natural organic wines, locally brewed beers and an eclectic cocktail mix.

PS40 – be sure to check it out soon or join us at the Archie Rose Bar to try it out.