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Archie Rose's New Gin & Whisky Cans

It’s the season of picnics taken under shade, of days spent in and out of the pool, of long nights out and endless trips to the beach made with family and friends.

All of these activities are made better with great food and drink on hand, and we think we’ve cracked the code to summer drinking this year with our five new gin and whisky premix cans.

Featuring the Straight Dry Gin and Double Malt Whisky from our Fundamental Spirits range, our premix cans deliver on our mission of bringing the highest quality spirits, Australian ingredients and spirits experiences to the world, this time in 330ml serves of delicious.

Archie Rose Australian Gin & Mango With Native Finger Lime Smooth mango with an uplifting hit from the native finger lime.

Archie Rose Australian Gin & Blackberry with Native Lemon Myrtle The OG from our first gin premix range. Moody and classy.

Archie Rose Australian Gin & Peach Soda with Passionfruit Summer Classic! The taste of sweet ripe peaches and zingy passionfruit.

Archie Rose Australian Whisky With Dry Ginger Beer & Native Finger Lime Our Whisky Dry, but with an extra dose of refreshing ginger and native finger lime.

Archie Rose Australian Whisky With Smoked Cola & Blood Orange Smoky, lightly spiced cola with bittersweet blood orange.

All easy to keep in the fridge as a ready-to-go drink for BBQs or to throw in the esky for spontaneous trips to the beach. Enjoy straight from the can, or over ice — because we know it’s going to be a hot one.

We’ve captured the flavours of summer and designed our Archie Rose cans to take with you, wherever you are.

Find your flavour and shop the range here.