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By Archie Rose Bar Team, Rosebery

Archie Rose Mitey Weekends

From 11 May - 2 June, we’ll get right into the spirit of ArchieMite by hosting a series of Mitey Weekends at the Archie Rose Bar.

Each Saturday and Sunday from noon until 2pm (until sell out), pop in to try an ArchieMite cocktail, and food centred around ingredients complementing the Hot Buttered Toast Spirit.

Food Menu

White Bean Hummus $9

Sonoma Bread, white bean, garlic, golden raisins.

Egg Sandwich $13

Egg, gem lettuce, ArchieMite mayonnaise and Sonoma sourdough.

Tiger Toasties $13

Toasted three cheese sandwich with a touch of your favourite yeast spread and crinkle cut chips.

ArchieMite Brunch Board $35

Avocado, egg, burrata, white bean hummus, tomato salsa, prosciutto, white anchovies and Sonoma sourdough.

Burrata $16

Burrata, cherry tomato, basil, shellfish oil, white balsamic and Sonoma sourdough.

Drinks Menu

Espresso Mite-ini $20

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit, Welcome Dose cold drip coffee, panella.

Mitey Mary $20

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit, tomato, mary mix.

Colada $20

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit, pineapple, cottage cheese, coconut.

ArchieMite Sour $20

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit, lemon, whites.

Gibson $20

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit, dry vermouth, pickle brine.

ArchieMite and Coca Cola $11

ArchieMite Buttered Toast Spirit and Coca Cola.

Messina X ArchieMite Gelato Sandwich

Every day from May 8, we will also have a limited batch of Messina X ArchieMite Gelato Sandwiches on offer while stocks last.

Featuring Pepe Saya butter caramel and mite gelato sandwiched between toasted Sonoma sourdough biscuits, get in quick to get your fix as they won't last long.

Contains gluten and dairy.