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By Sophie McCommas, ContributorISSUE #035 LET THE FESTIVITIES BEGIN! | Education

An Artistic Tailored Experience

We’re so proud of our Tailored range. As much as we love painstakingly selecting each botanical for our core and limited-edition spirits, it’s even more fun handing the reins over to you, the drinker, the gift giver, the spirit lover! To make a bottle truly your own.

If you haven’t had a tinker yet, creating a Tailored bottle of Archie Rose Gin, Vodka or Whisky, or adding a custom label to a bottled cocktail couldn’t be more simple. For those partial to Gin or Vodka, first explore our range of individually distilled local botanicals, adjusting the strength of influence they’ll bring to your final product. Each botanical is incredibly unique, we go to great lengths to source the produce - whether it be our juniper for our gin, native strawberry gum, Australian peach, mandarin, honey or pink peppercorn, we work closely with our suppliers to ensure they’re sourced sustainably and delivered to us in the best condition possible to lend ultimate flavour. Can’t choose between all the combos? We’ve pre-selected a range of excellent blends for you to add a custom label to. For whisky lovers, you’ll choose your whisky type, cask size, strength and wood type before moving onto labelling.

Speaking of labels, there’s plenty to delight in this section of the process. Keep it simple with a range of base colourways, or choose from one of the collaborative labels we’ve worked with local artists to create. Botanical illustrator Edith Rewa, for instance, whose label depicts blue-green gum leaves, a winged bee on the hunt for pollen within puffs of native flora. New Zealand native artist Evie Kemp’s design is bright, bold and uplifting, verging on abstract, while Marian Tubbs’ feminist voice speaks volumes through her soft yet bold digital watercolours. Created for our Mardi Gras bottled cocktail range, our kaleidoscopic Tailored label by local LGBTQIA+ artist Claudia Chinyere Akole is incredibly eye-catching on the bar cart. Melanie Vugich’s label expertly displays the most beautiful native flowers in our land, from fluorescent wattle to otherworldly flowering gum. Sorry to make it a tough choice, but there’s no one who wouldn’t be impressed by a label with their name on it, holding within it a custom blend chosen by you.

Late step? Pop in their name and a personalised message in your chosen font and wow, you’re a spirit blender! And a thoughtful giver of gifts.

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