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By Rocky Hair, Creative Drinks ManagerISSUE #024 A SUMMER LIKE NO OTHER | Cocktails

A Drink For Every Occasion

Whether you’re hosting an elegant New Year’s Eve bash or catching up with your mates for a picnic in the park, our Creative Drinks Manager Rocky Hair has your summer drinks menu sorted.

Picnic in the park: Canned Cocktails

The easiest drink to grab and go, the only thing you need to do with these cocktails is keep them cold. Throw them on ice and take them to your favourite green space.

Pair your drink with...

Typo Shower Speaker: What’s better than a can holder that doubles as a speaker? A waterproof can holder that doubles as a speaker! Guaranteed to bring the good vibes while you’re getting ready to go.

CasusGrill: These amazing sustainable grills are the perfect addition to any picnic. They can be easily disposed of for a fuss-free clean up at the end of the day.

Christmas Day: Single Malt Whisky Punch

This is a great way to share your whisky on Christmas Day. Featuring traditional festive flavours, this punch provides a clever way to replicate those warming winter aromas while keeping everyone cool on what’s likely to be a scorching summer’s day.

Pair your drink with...

Maison Balzac Carafe: Serve your punch in this gorgeous glassware or give it as a beautiful gift.

New Year’s Eve: Golden Gimlet topped with Bubbles

Something ought to sparkle on New Year’s Eve, so why not your drink? Top off a shimmering Golden Gimlet with sparkling wine to bring in 2021 with a bang.

Pair your drink with...

Puncheon Darts Prosecco: This sparkling wine is my pick for pairing with the Golden Gimlet. It really brings out the cocktail’s lemon zest and acidity.

Business & Pleasure Cooler Bag: These chic bags are the best way to transport your booze. They also double as an overnight bag, which is handy if you’re not sure where you’re going to end up after the clock strikes midnight.

Zoom Call Catch Up: Virtual Gin Tasting

A gift in itself for your spirit aficionado friends and family, a Virtual Gin Tasting allows you to share a drink with your loved ones, no matter the distance between you.

Pair your drink with...

Leif Hand Balm: After you explore the spectrum of Australian native botanicals in our Gin, consider gifting these beautiful botanical balms—a practical and sensory reminder of your virtual experience together.

Summer Party: Negroni Punch, using Distiller's Strength Gin

This classic cocktail is built from equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, making it easy to multiply into a punch. It’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser and works just as well topped with soda or sparkling wine.

Pair your drink with...

Fresh Floral Merchants Dried Flowers: These dried flower bouquets are a seriously long-lasting and no-nonsense gift. Gift them to the host, or, if you’re throwing the party, use them to decorate tables.

Clark Rubber Four Person Floating Bar: This doesn’t even need an explanation—PERFECT for the whole family.