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By Emily Deacon, ContributorISSUE #040 BEHIND THE DISTILLERY | News

We Just Celebrated 70,000 Spirits Experiences At The Archie Rose Bar

Yep, you read the right – we’re pouring ourselves a drink and saying “Cheers!” with gusto because after a rough count, we reckon we've hosted at least 70,000 people for experiences at the Archie Rose Bar including our Distillery Tour, Blend Your Own Gin & Whisky Classes and Cocktail Classes over the last 8.5 years. Phew! That’s a lot of cocktail shaking, whisky and gin blending, and martini making – and the rest! Bringing you the best drinks and sharing our spirits know-how so you can make or order your own drink with confidence really gives us a kick. To celebrate the occasion, we spoke with two of our bartenders, Jono and Riahne, about why they love hosting classes. Here’s to 70,000 more! We’ll drink to that.

What’s your favourite class to host at the Archie Rose Bar & Cellar Door?

J: “Anything involving whisky. The Australian Whisky Masterclass is great; I get to showcase great Aussie whiskies and support local distilleries. I love to see Australian whisky brands in the hands of consumers.”

R: “Our Cocktail Masterclass is always so much fun. I love chatting to guests about making their favourite cocktails at home and explaining how to order cocktails at other bars.”

Who has been your most memorable guest(s) at a class, and why?

R: “Having Miles Glaspole in for a TikTok event was brilliant. He’s so lovely and it was great meeting someone that I’m a fan of in real life! My favourite week of experiences was definitely WorldPride and Mardi Gras 2023 with all our queer-themed experiences – an amazing vibe.”

What do you recommend eating and drinking while doing a class?

J: “I love pairing beer and whisky together, so during any Whisky Masterclass I’ll opt for that. For gin experiences, I work my way through the massive selection of gins we now have available. Cheese platters pair with everything!”

R: “For our Dynamic Ceramics with Klaypots class I recommend coming in early and having a bite to eat in the bar beforehand – save your hands for the pottery!”

What is the best or funniest name someone has named their personalised gin or whisky in a Blend Your Own Class?

J: “Bob Barley for a super smoky whisky blend.”

R: “We use honey as our “fix-all” in the Blend Your Own Gin Classes. The best name I’ve heard recently was Honey Boo Boo.”

If you could invite any three celebs (dead or alive) to a Blend Your Own Gin Masterclass who would be?

R: “Oscar Isaac, Matt Mercer, and Harry Styles would be an absolute blast (and it definitely has nothing to do with my long-standing crushes on all three!)”

What new classes can we expect from Archie Rose in the next year?

R: “I don’t know if I can spill those beans, you’ll have to see for yourself!”