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10 Of The Best Parks In Australia To Enjoy Our New Canned Cocktails

The word is out. Six NEW ready-to-drink canned cocktails have now joined the Archie Rose Fundamental Spirits family — and just in time for all your summer alfresco rendezvous. The range now includes three new gin cans featuring our Straight Dry Gin including: Australian Gin and Mango With Native Finger Lime, Australian Gin and Blackberry With Native Lemon Myrtle, and Australian Gin and Peach Soda With Passionfruit. On the whisky front we’re delighted to introduce you to our first two cans featuring Double Malt Whisky including: Australian Whisky With Dry Ginger Beer and Native Finger Lime; and Australian Whisky With Smoked Cola and Blood Orange. And finally we’ve made an update to our vodka: now featuring True Cut Vodka with our Australian Vodka Soda with Native Blood Lime. All sessionable premixes, packed into 330ml pre-mix cans. All made with the highest quality Archie Rose spirits and local and native ingredients.

So where's the best place to kick back, sip and relax? The classic summer tradition of gathering friends at a local park for a picnic, drinks, and outdoor fun is an absolute must-do. We've rounded up the perfect grassy patches for a spirited day under the Australian sun.

Camperdown Park, Chippendale, Sydney

BYO snacks from: Westwood Pizza or Continental Deli

An age-old Newtown classic, brimming with Inner West charm, and welcoming to all. At Camperdown Park, there’s plenty of sunshine, places nearby to find top-tier snacks, and a hearty dose of shade for when things get a touch too hot. Drinks are allowed when the sun’s out (before 9pm), dogs are welcome too. Best paired with our Archie Rose Australian Gin and Peach Soda With Passionfruit, if you ask us.

Beare Park, Elizabeth Bay, Sydney

BYO snacks from: Penny’s Cheese Shop or Smalls Deli

A little haven in the city, super lush, very chill, harbour views aplenty — perfect for daydreaming with friends. Best enjoyed with a tropical seaside serve of our Archie Rose Australian Gin & Mango with Native Finger Lime.

Royal Botanic Gardens, CBD, Sydney

BYO snacks from: Fabbrica Bread Shop

It’s lush, it’s green, it’s HUGE. And, it’s right by Sydney Harbour. A quintessential spot to take friends visiting from out of town, especially now while the gardens are in full bloom with an earthy-citrusy Archie Rose Australian Gin, Blackberry and Lemon Myrtle can in hand.

Fitzroy Gardens, Melbourne

BYO snacks from: Belles Hot Chicken, Fitzroy

With strong bohemian roots, Fitzroy's better known for its wine bars, restaurants and shopping strip on Gertrude Street. As for a grassy under-the-radar-haunt? Fitzroy Gardens is a must — a green oasis on the edge of this popular neighbourhood, perfect for soaking up fresh air among avenues of elm trees and quirky fountains. Also perfect for soaking up our Archie Rose Whisky with Dry Ginger Beer and Native Finger Lime.

Carlton Gardens, Melbourne

BYO snacks from: Florian Cafe

It’s a world heritage site! There’s art galleries everywhere nearby and a swag of historical monuments to peruse. The perfect spot for people watching (and picnic-ing) with a can of our Archie Rose Whisky With Smoked Cola and Blood Orange.

Point Ormond Reserve, Melbourne

BYO snacks from: Earth, Wind and Flour Pizza

Melbourne may not be famous for its beaches but this one’s on the tip of everyone’s lips during summer. Cue seaside breezes and sandy toes. We’ve been experimenting and the flavour profile best suited to the sea salty air is most definitely the Archie Rose Gin and Mango With Native Finger Lime.

New Farm Park, Brisbane

BYO snacks from: Hellbound

New Farm is one of Brisbane's oldest, grandest and largest parks, and attracts more than 18,000 visitors each week from all over the world. It’s the local’s go-to picnic spot; an urban oasis with stunning skyline views — and a top choice for a day out with your can of Archie Rose Australian Gin and Peach Soda With Passionfruit.

South Bank, Parklands, Brisbane

BYO Snack: Baba Ganouj

Nestled along the iconic Brisbane River, South Bank is a must-do lifestyle precinct for all ages. Dive into the iconic Streets Beach with skyline views, sprawl out on 15 hectares of picnic-perfect lawns, or indulge your taste buds — there’s an abundance of eateries on every nearby corner. Did we mention there’s an iconic man-made ‘Streets Beach’ too? A refreshing take on a classic Australian setting, much like our Australian Whisky with Smoked Cola and Blood Orange.

Salamanca Lawns, Hobart

BYO snacks from: Pigeon Whole Bakers

This is Hobart's go-to spot for picnics. There’s historical landmarks, tons of greenery and it’s nestled amidst Hobart's lively Salamanca Market — a perfect blend of culture and relaxation.

The perfect picnic-sip? Australian Gin and Blackberry With Native Lemon Myrtle — berry infused with a zesty punch. An ideal pairing with a typical savoury picnic spread. Hummus, anyone?

Continental Park, Port Elliot, Adelaide

BYO Snacks: Port Elliot Bakery

This one’s just a hop, skip and jump from the seaside town of Port Elliot. An hour’s drive from the city and a great excuse to get out of the big smoke for a day. It’s an enchanting green expanse with scenic views aplenty, including one glorious beach, lush trees and a plentiful selection of green, green grass to roll/picnic/nap/snack in. Savour the sea breeze without worrying about sandy sandwiches from the bays below. Plus, the locally famed Port Elliot bakery is a mere stones throw away. Our suggestion? Grab yourself some buttery, baked goods and crack open a pack of Australian Gin and Peach Soda With Passionfruit. A tropical pairing for a day spent by the sea.

Perth, Western Australia — we’d love to pop one in here but it is 100% illegal to drink in public, anywhere in the big state. Stay safe, drink responsibly and share the love at home instead!

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