Select A Whisky Type


An incredibly unique offering, we invite you to create a cask of your ideal whisky right here online. From base malt, style of spirit, cask type and cask size to bottling strength, the specifications are yours to select, before our distillers produce your very own whisky from scratch in our distillery in Sydney.

The whisky type is the first step in defining the Australian malts that will be used to create your uniquely distilled spirit. Whether it’s Single Malt or Rye Malt each whisky style is crafted from a different malt base.

Single Malt Whisky

Made exclusively from malted barley, we use a combination of six local and Australian malts to deliver a nuanced and bold expression of the grain.

Rye Malt Whisky

A challenging whisky to produce, we use rare local and imported malted rye as well as a small proportion of malted barley.