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Inspired by Australia’s long and storied rum history, White Cane is our local reimagining of a spirit known to the rest of the world as white rum. Treated with the same respect for ingredients and support for local producers that we do with all our releases it features high-test NSW molasses, cold distilled using our one-of-a-kind copper vacuum still to capture the delicate, delicious flavours of locally sourced sugarcane resulting in a spirit that is pillowy soft with a refreshing finish.

Tasting Notes


Lightly aromatic and bright the spirit greets you with notes of golden syrup, pineapple, and coconut. More time reveals notes of ripe bananas, persimmon, and fennel fronds.


Luxuriously creamy with lightly roasted marshmallows, mango and pink lady apples.


Long, pillowy soft, and refreshing finish of raspberries, poached pear, and just a hint of spearmint.

Production Notes

Material Sourced

Cane VarietyStyleOriginCultivation
NSW Sugar CaneHigh Test MolassesCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown
NSW Sugar CaneB-MolassesCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown