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Whisky Gone A Rye

Whisky Gone A Rye

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Whisky Gone A Rye #1 is an apera cask rye malt whisky and the fifth release in our Trials & Exceptions series; a collection of limited-release spirits that seek to uncover our most exceptional single casks and small-batch trials, offering first-hand insights into the raw ingredients, processes and people involved in the production of our spirits.

The apera casks used to age this spirit were destined for maturing Single Malt Whisky but were instead filled with Rye Malt Whisky - a happy accident that happened not once but three times. This first whisky sees Rye Malt Whisky imbued with the flavours of the apera casks to reveal enticing notes of sultanas, dates, cacao and crème brulee.

Tasting Notes


A prominent opening of honeyed apricots, dates and almond praline, transitioning into perry pears, red cherries and sassafras


Opulent and mouth filling. Our classic peach cobbler and vanilla ice cream is joined by golden raisins, crème brûlée and cacao butter.


A complex array of allspice, clove, ginger, vanilla and subtle florality

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

Pale maltExtended kilningLa TrobeSE Australia
Rye maltLight kilnMixedGermany