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Triple Molasses Rum

Triple Molasses Rum

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Triple Molasses Rum is a bold; limited edition navy style rum made by blending three types of local NSW molasses to create a robust yet complex and well-balanced spirit. It has been matured in apera casks (used to age Australian sherry-style fortified wine) to add a layer of richness; complexity and a uniquely Australian twist.

Making rum has always been part of our vision as a continuation of the great sugarcane growing heritage of NSW. This rum is the culmination of three explorations into individual molasses types and their impact on rum flavour; as seen in our Fancy Molasses; Mill Molasses and Refiners Molasses Rum releases. This rum then showcases a blend of these three distinct molasses types to create a powerful yet exciting and approachable contemporary Australian rum.

It has a nose of riotous butterscotch; treacle and caramelised banana; a mouth-coating palate of mango; caramelised pineapple and hazelnut butter and a long; complex finish with waves of dark caramel and tropical fruits.

Tasting Notes


A rich cacophony of butterscotch, treacle and caramelised banana is joined by more subtle notes of papaya, passionfruit blossom, coconut and mocha.


A rich mouth coating palate of mango, caramelised pineapple and a touch of cedar that transitions into rock melon, guava, dried apricots and hazelnut butter.


A long and complex finish, with waves of molasses driven caramel and treacle intermingling with tropical fruits and a lingering florality.

Production Notes

Materials Sources

Cane VarietyStyleOriginCultivation
NSW Sugar CaneHigh Test MolassesCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown
NSW Sugar CaneEvaporated Cane JuiceCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown
NSW Sugar CaneB MolassesCondong, NSWAccredited sustainably grown