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Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest 2020

Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest 2020

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Sunrise Lime Gin Harvest 2020 is the second spirit from our vintage series that celebrates the bounty and diversity of Australia’s annual harvest. This time, our Harvest Gin heroes native sunrise lime, a hybrid citrus fruit grown by Mark and Vickie at Marvick Native Farms in Western Australia. Bountiful sunrise lime delivers the distinctive aroma of herbaceous yet vibrant lime and is complemented beautifully by unripe orange zest and mandarin peel. Expect a gin bursting with generous citrus and flavours of kumquat, spearmint and mango sorbet.

Heeding our ethos of working with local producers who focus on sustainability and understand the impact of their growing, harvesting and processing methods, the annual Harvest Series heroes the growers, providores, foragers and regions as a true expression of the ingredients and provenance behind our spirits. In future years we look forward to featuring other spirits such as vodka, whisky and rum as part of our Harvest series.

700ml Bottle Size. 40% Alc/Vol

Product of Sydney, Australia

Tasting Notes


Aromatics of lemon sherbert, orange zest, and mandarin juice capture us from the fore. Supporting the citrus sits rock candy, lavender, and jasmine with just a hint of wet eucalyptus leaves and green tea.


A mouth-coating texture, reminiscent of sticky orange marmalade. A symphony of citrus joined by an array of white and purple flowers, followed by pine and some subtle coriander spice.


Tangerine zest, lime juice, and pine persist, with a touch of citrus pith creating a lovely dry finish.

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

Sunrise LimeFreshRed Gully, WACultivated
Valencia Orange ZestFreshGriffith, NSWCultivated
Mandarin PeelFreshNSWCultivated
Emerald Green FingerlimeFreshRed Gully, WACultivated
Tahitian LimeFreshMareeba, QLDCultivated
JuniperDriedMacedonianWild Foraged by hand
JuniperDriedMacedonianWild Foraged by hand
JuniperDriedMacedonianWild Foraged by hand
CorianderDriedMundoora, SACultivated
Lemon Scented GumFreshWodonga, VICWild Foraged by hand
RivermintDriedSouth AustraliaCultivated-threatened species
Dorrigo PepperleafDriedNorthern Tablelands, NSWWild Foraged by hand
Orris RootDriedMoroccoCultivated