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Summer Gin Project: Bush

Summer Gin Project: Bush

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Summer Gin Project is a two-part gin series showcasing the character of Australia’s most iconic season and natural environments: Bush and Coast. Each gin features distillates made from sustainably sourced local, wild foraged ingredients sourced by Diego Bonetto.

Inspired by the Australian Summer, Bush is the first release capturing the sense and character of our most iconic, yet challenging season. Harsh and unforgiving, the Australian bush provides an essential livelihood for those who call it home through its untamed beauty, red earth and radiating heat.

Capturing the distinctive aromas of the bush, it comes to life through native waxflower, pink peppercorn, wild farmer’s friend and native thyme featuring herbal and eucalypt notes that pay tribute to a season that is quintessentially Australian.

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

By working closely with growers and a renowned wild botanical forager, we have emphasised ingredients harvested directly from the landscape. Each of these botanicals express their unique regional character.
WaxflowerFreshGreater SydneyCultivated
Native thymeFreshSouth East New South WalesCultivated - limited availability due to drought
Farmer's friendFreshUrban SydneyWild foraged by hand
Pink peppercornFreshUrban SydneyWild foraged by hand
Lemon myrtleFreshUrban SydneyWild foraged by hand
Dorrigo pepperleafDriedNorthern Tablelands of New South WalesWild foraged by hand
JuniperDriedMacedoniaWild foraged by hand
Orris rootDriedMoroccoCultivated
Angelica rootDriedPolandCultivated
Valencia orange zestFreshNew South Wales RiverinaCultivated
Strawberry gumDriedNorthern Tablelands of New South WalesCultivated - threatened species