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Single Paddock Whisky Harvest 2018

Single Paddock Whisky Harvest 2018

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Archie Rose Single Paddock Whisky Harvest 2018 pays tribute to the hardiness, character and charisma of a single paddock of heritage rye, dry grown in challenging 2018 drought conditions by the Whytcross family in Barellan, NSW.

The first whisky in our vintage Harvest series, which heeds our ethos of working with local producers who focus on sustainability and understand the impact of their growing, harvesting and processing methods, it showcases rye that was dry grown without irrigation and then semi-fermented and malted three ways with fermentation finished using a saison yeast strain. All of which had a big impact on flavour - lending lifted aromatics of wildflowers, mandarin, yuzu and berries to the finished product, characteristics inherent to this particular paddock, year and climate.

Tasting Notes


Mandarin, yuzu and ANZAC biscuits greet you, with further time allowing for notes of orchard fruits, begonia blossoms and huon pine to emerge. Further time in the glass gives us roasted pecans, mulberry and carraway seeds.


A rich and mouth-filling combination of nectarines, berries and ginger snaps balanced beautifully with roasted grains, milk chocolate and oak.


A complex and lingering combination of orchard fruits, chocolate-coated ANZAC biscuits, and blossoms.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

Pale maltLight kilnLa TrobeWongabeena Farm, Barellan, NSW
Heritage Rye MaltLight kilnLandraceWongabeena Farm, Barellan, NSW
Amber Heritage Rye MaltExtended kilningLandraceWongabeena Farm, Barellan, NSW
Choc Heritage Rye MaltRoastedLandraceWongabeena Farm, Barellan, NSW