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Single Malt Whisky 1st Batch

Single Malt Whisky 1st Batch

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With an unwavering belief that malt provides a potent and vital contribution to the final flavour profile, Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky is distinctly crafted to highlight six malts, as opposed to the typical one or two used in most whiskies, each with a unique profile and character. This six-malt mash bill, although incredibly low yielding, provides a significantly richer and more expressive flavour, full of distinct regional character.

Our Single Malt Whisky has been matured predominantly in 100, 200 and 300-litre Australian Apera (sherry) casks, complemented by a selection of ex-bourbon and Archie Rose’s own 36-month air-dried ex-rye casks.

Tasting Notes


Immediately offers sun-dried apricots, preserved peaches and handmade honeycomb, laced with sultanas. A second pass yields, muesli, roasted nuts and chalk. The background teases lurking cacao and dark chocolate.


A soft entry and syrupy texture delivers an unctuous mouthfeel. The sweetness of sultanas is prominent, yet balanced by dryness delivered from the malt. This makes way for flavours of amaretto and espresso, building the intensity to a crescendo.


Evolving with a satisfying dryness with a whisper of smoke.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

A spirit is only as good as the materials used to make it. Great effort has been taken to showcase the unique qualities of the malt used in this whisky. We are putting malt back on the agenda.
Malt TypeTreatmentBarley VarietyOrigin
Pale maltLight kilnLa TrobeEastern Australia
Amber MaltExtended kilningScope & CommanderEastern Australia
Caramel MaltHighly kilnedLa Trobe & GairdnerEastern Australia
Aromatic Roasted MaltRoastedMixedGermany
Chocolate MaltRoastedCommander & WestminsterEastern Australia
Peated Pale MaltPeat smokedChariotCaithness, Scotland