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Single Cask Whisky Batch No. 1: Single Malt Whisky

Single Cask Whisky Batch No. 1: Single Malt Whisky

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An incredible example of what makes our signature whisky so special, this single cask of Archie Rose Single Malt Whisky offers layer upon layer of malt-driven flavours, excellent fruit profile and a beautifully balanced apera cask influence. At four and a half years old and full cask strength, the concentration of flavours makes this whisky both powerful and incredibly complex.

It unveils a palate rich in almond, espresso, cacao and luxurious waves of concentrated sticky fruit.

Tasting Notes


Sticky raisins, strawberries and pineapple combined with our signature amaretto and milk chocolate with hints of candied orange zest and allspice.


Roasted almonds, perfumed sassafras, espresso and cacao join rich and luxurious waves of concentrated, sticky fruit.


Long, and complex, with the rich fruit and spice being resolved with a lovely balancing drying oak.

Production Notes

Grain Sourced

A spirit is only as good as the materials used to make it. Great effort has been taken to showcase the unique qualities of the malt used in this whisky. We are putting malt back on the agenda.
Pale Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Our pale malt speaks to the Australian land where it was grown, delivering tropical fruit flavours with floral overtones.

Amber Malt
Origin: New South Wales

Our local amber malt is made by roasting kilned malt which leads to a drier finish. it offers a light, biscuity flavour and dark reddish brown hues.

Caramel Malt
Origin: La Trobe, Victoria

Batch roasted to bestow a rich cereal character, this malt delivers notes of pastry and the aroma of caramel fudge.

Chocolate Malt
Origin: New South Wales

A specialty malt that provides rich and intense flavours of coffee and dark chocolate.

Peated Pale Malt
Origin: Caithness, Scotland
Malt TypeTreatmentBarley VarietyOrigin
Pale MaltLight KilnLa TrobeEastern Australia
Amber MaltExtended KilningScope & CommanderEastern Australia
Caramel MaltHighly KilnedLa Trobe & GairdnerEastern Australia
Aromatic Roasted MaltRoastedMixedGermany
Chocolate MaltRoastedCommander & WestminsterEastern Australia
Peated Pale MaltPeat smokedChariotCaithness, Scotland