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Sea Salt Gin

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Our Salt & Pepper Gin & Vodka Kit - a two by 200ml set of Sea Salt Gin and Pink Peppercorn Vodka, is created as a savoury tribute to our love of Martinis and long lunches by the sea and the wonders of a boozy Bloody Mary brunch the day after.

A savoury tribute to the perfect martini, Sea Salt Gin will give you a reason to be salty! Fresh with zesty flavours of the ocean thanks to native sea celery, sea lettuce and lime, this is a truly gourmet gin with a savoury disposition. Soak in the flavours of the sea celery, a distillate so complex that is almost a finished product on its own and savour the taste of dry pine and saline on the tip of your tongue. Punchy and complex with notes of citrus and celery leaf, it’s the ideal match for martinis and long lunches with friends by the sea.

Tasting Notes


This gin greets the nose with fresh sea spray that is supported by celery, pine and lime. These savoury elements continue with a complex and alluring array of saline herbaceous aromas such as celery leaf and fresh parsley.


The palate is rich with pronounced juniper led spice that is complemented by the flavours of lemon thyme, fresh lime zest and the lingering flavour of sea salt.


Long lingering herbaceousness with just a hint of sea salt

Production Notes

Botanicals Sourced

Sea LettuceFreshSouth AustraliaCultivated
Sea CeleryFreshSouth AustraliaCultivated
JuniperDriedMacedoniaWild Foraged by hand
JuniperDriedMacedoniaWild Foraged by hand
CorianderDriedMundoora, SACultivated
Tahitian LimeFreshMareeba, QLDCultivated
Sunrise LimeFreshRed Gully, WACultivated
Orris RootDriedMoroccoCultivated